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quiz & worksheet personification & apostrophe in literature apostrophe paul josh and ashley s english rhetorical terms o captain my captain warm up review whitman s style  is this langston hughes enriched with life and its experiences 3 find an apostrophe to man poem by edna st vincent millay poem hunter apostrophe literary term pronunciation binding thesis london introduction to poetry ppt apostrophe use & examples video & lesson transcript figurative language apostrophe poetry term examples examples of apostrophe poems
apostrophe examples and definition of apostrophe examples of apostrophe in literature e let me clutch thee example 2 the star by jane taylor how i wonder what you are example 3 frankenstein by mary shelly stars and clouds and winds example 4 death be not proud by john donne die not poor 27 apostrophe examples definition and worksheets with examples of apostrophe in literature 1 hamlet by william shakespeare hamlet alas poor yorick 2 julius caesar by william shakespeare antony o pardon me thou bleeding piece of earth 3 holy sonnet 10 by john donne death be not proud though some have called thee mighty 4 the apostrophe poetry – grammarist some examples when will you ever peace wild wooddove shy wings shut your round me roaming end and under be my boughs [gerard manley hopkins] o holy virgin clad in purest white unlock heav’n’s golden gates and issue forth [william blake] o cunning love with tears thou keep’st me blind lest eyes well seeing thy foul faults should find apostrophe examples softschools apostrophe examples 1 feet don t fail me now e let me clutch thee 3 out out damned spot macbeth 4 oh christmas tree oh christmas tree how lovely are your branches 5 twinkle twinkle little star how i wonder what you are apostrophe examples definition and worksheets apostrophe examples in act ii scene ii of romeo and juliet juliet’s famous line “o romeo romeo wherefore art thou romeo ” is an apostrophe this is because although romeo is a living person and is hiding in her yard and listening to her juliet thinks she is addressing someone who’s not present apostrophe as a literary device meaning & examples video another example of an apostrophe in poetry is in a poem by john donne called death be not proud in which the entire poem is addressed to death personifying treating the concept as a person apostrophe definition and examples apostrophe is found throughout literature it appears in poetry prose and drama and across all eras from ancient greek epic poetry through modern times apostrophe in the odyssey e of the earliest and most famous examples of apostrophe in literature es from homer who begins both the iliad and the odyssey with an invocation of the muse apostrophe apostrophe an address to a dead or absent person or personification as if he or she were present in his holy sonnet “death be not proud ” john donne denies ’s power by directly admonishing it emily dickinson addresses her absent object of passion in “wild nights —wild nights ” apostrophe examples and definition literary devices significance of apostrophe in literature many examples of apostrophe in english begin with the exclamatory sound “o ” to signify a change in the addressee by addressing a person who is not present or an inanimate object that cannot feel or express emotions a character is instead showing their own inner state
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