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with equal sides and equal angles each measuring 108 degrees A pentagon with two adjacent right angles one acute and two obtuse angles is familiar as a 577487
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A Regular Pentagon 5 sides has 5 Lines of Symmetry 124123
Lines of Symmetry of Plane Shapes 130130
These are irregular pentagons each shape has 5 sides but the lines and the angles do not have the same measurement 234209
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quadrilateral types 332579
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identifying 2d and 3d shape study guide luisa glenbrae school shape inforgraphic what are some examples of shapes with 5 sides quora geometric shapes worksheets lines of symmetry of plane shapes three dimensional shapes polygons & triangles 6enders triangle inequality theorem video interactives 3d shapes polyhedron nonagon definition & shape video & lesson transcript Shapes 5 , polygons & triangles 6enders 7 best 3d shapes games and activities images on pinterest 2d space bbc bitesize gcse maths 2 dimensional shapes aqa revision 1 perimeter and area shapes geometry interactive math journal 3d 10 activities for describing 3d shapes in kindergarten how do you draw shapes with a specific number of sides at the

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