Action Plan Templates For Business

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Action Plan Templates For Business – Learn what an action plan is and how to write one. Read examples of action plans for big and small goals and find templates to help you write your own action plan.

Plan a wedding, apply to college, throw a dinner party, launch a new product. These are complex and multifaceted activities. Successfully plan goals like these, and then you’ll need to complete a number of different subtasks. For example, when planning your wedding, you may need to invite guests, arrange food, secure the venue, and figure out what to wear.

Action Plan Templates For Business

Action Plan Templates For Business

All of these subtasks may have different importance levels, different due dates, and may require the involvement of different people. How can you organize and prioritize all the things you need to do to make sure everything runs smoothly and you achieve what you want to achieve? An action plan is an outline or list of all the tasks that need to be completed to achieve a goal. Action plans can be used to help you achieve big goals or small goals. They can be aligned with individual goals or group goals. In this article, we’ll define what an action plan is, explain the steps involved in writing an action plan, and look at some examples and templates for action plans.

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Action Plan Templates For Business

In very simple terms, an action plan is a list of steps or tasks to be completed to reach a goal or complete a task (Frese et al, 2007).

There is no right way to write an action plan. You can organize your action plan to help you keep track of everything you need to do to achieve your goal. Often, action plans are organized as tables or spreadsheets, with each job, task, or step listed in the first column and other key information listed in the second and subsequent columns.

Action Plan Templates For Business

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Most plans include a date or timeline for each component task. If you’re working with a group of people, each task will list the person or people responsible for that task. You may also want to add other information about your goal. For example, you can note the priority level (low, medium, high) of each task or list the resources needed to complete each task.

The action planning process is very multifaceted. It is used to perform tasks necessary to accomplish very large goals that take place over many years and involve many people. Action plans can be used to manage even the smallest goals that a person can achieve in a few weeks.

Action Plan Templates For Business

An example of a relatively small goal that can be organized and specified using an action plan is a dinner party (Risman, n.d.). Using an action plan to host a dinner party starts with listing everything you need to do to host the dinner party. You may find it helpful to manage tasks within deadlines. For example, two weeks before the party you can create your guest list, send out invitations, and decide on the ambiance and aesthetic of your party. A week before the party, you can follow up with guests who haven’t sent RSVPs, confirm guests’ dietary needs, plan the menu, and purchase any decorations or dishware you may need.

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A few days before the party you can gather your ingredients and make a playlist. The day before the party you can prepare as much food as possible, clean your house and pick flowers. On the day of the party, you can prepare the final meal and set the table. This action plan lists all the tasks that need to be completed in order to host the dinner party, along with a timeline for each task. In this example, you’re throwing your own party so you don’t have to assign each task to a specific person. However, if you’re throwing a party with a partner, roommate, or other person, you may want to assign each task to a specific person.

Action Plan Templates For Business

A larger goal that the action plan currently addresses is Harvard Business School’s current ambition to advance racial equity. It is a long-term goal that is huge, multifaceted, and involves the cooperation of many people. Harvard Business School developed an action plan to articulate, define, and manage all tasks necessary to achieve this goal (Harvard Business School, n.d.).

The broad action plan was framed with eight broad goals, including “Attracting additional black talent to all parts of the HBS community” and “Preparing our students to be leaders for racial equity.” Each of these eight tasks is divided into sub-tasks. For example, developing students as leaders for racial equity is broken down into five specific activities for all courses, including case studies featuring black and other underrepresented minority characters. With an action plan, Harvard Business School breaks down a very broad goal into specific action items that can be assigned to specific people and given specific timelines.

Action Plan Templates For Business

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The first part of creating an action plan is identifying the goal or goals you want to achieve. Using the objectives and key results (OKR) approach may be helpful at this stage. This approach will help you clarify your goals and make them more specific. In the OKR approach, you first identify your goal and break that goal down into specific, specific key results you want to achieve. For example, if your goal is to maintain a world-class office, move all your company records to the cloud, implement an online conference room booking system, and launch a new document sharing platform (What Matters, 2020). ) Each of these key outcomes can serve as a task in your action plan. If necessary, each task can be assigned to a specific person, assigned a due date, divided into component subtasks, and assigned a priority level.

Once you reach your goal, you can move on to writing your action plan. This process can be divided into five stages (Cochrane, 2012):

Action Plan Templates For Business

The charity Save the Children sometimes uses action plans to manage the support it provides to children in the communities they serve (Save the Children, 2018). In one example, the parents of a 13-year-old disabled girl in Lebanon were unable to provide the high level of care their daughter needed. An action plan has been formulated by prioritizing the assistance provided to this family.

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Action plan goals include building a stronger support network for the family and providing the family with greater access to community support services. Each of these goals is broken down into component subtasks. For example, increasing social support is divided into two subtasks: identifying appropriate local community events for the child and providing the child with the basic safety skills needed to survive short periods away from family. Each subtask is assigned to a specific person, including the child’s caseworker, parents, other family members, or community workers. A specific timeline is also provided for each task. This action plan allowed the team of people responsible for this child’s care to work on their own specific tasks, all of which served the larger goal of providing the best possible care for the child.

Action Plan Templates For Business

A simple action plan is a two-column checklist with each activity or subtask listed along with a place to mark when the task is completed. Adding more columns will help you refine your action plan. You can have a column for each task’s estimated completion date, a column that gives each task a priority level, or a column for the resources required to complete the task. If you’re working with a group or team, you may also want to add a column that lists the person or people responsible for each task. Additional columns with more information can be added as needed.

When writing an action plan, it can be helpful to follow a template. Below are two basic action plan templates. Both take the form of tables and have columns that list for each subtask, the person responsible for that task, the resources needed to complete the task, and the points to note when the task is completed. Beyond these similarities, the two templates are different. One of the templates includes space to record progress markers. The other template includes a space to write about the overall goal or objective. There is a lot of flexibility in your writing

Action Plan Templates For Business

Simple Food Sales Action Plan Template

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