Baby Tooth Eruption Chart Funny

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Baby Tooth Eruption Chart Funny – Parents are sharing a hilarious graphic that shows how painful brushing a baby’s teeth can be for an adult – stages include “send me shit” and “kill me now”.

Parents have shared hilarious baby teething graphics that show just how painful the experience can be for adults.

Baby Tooth Eruption Chart Funny

Baby Tooth Eruption Chart Funny

The graphic, created by Babyology, includes comments like “OMG so cute” when the first teeth appear, to “send a baby” and “I need to sleep” when more teeth come in.

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When the last teeth appear around the age of two, the chart says that parents have officially reached the “kill me” stage as they struggle to deal with their child’s crying in response to pain.

Baby Tooth Eruption Chart Funny

Parents shared funny baby teething charts with hilarious captions, ranging from ‘OMG so cute’ to ‘F*** my life’.

BBC radio presenter Chelsea Norris tweeted: “A useful and teeth friendly guide for all parents!!! I’m in the “Kill Me” section.

Baby Tooth Eruption Chart Funny

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Another mother added: “I’m in the ‘Kill Me’ zone with my older ones and ‘Moon First Teeth’ with my youngest.”

Teething Mock Chart includes notes on what age teeth start to come in and how parents feel at that time.

Baby Tooth Eruption Chart Funny

This chart guides parents on how likely each tooth is to appear and how they feel at each stage (archive photo).

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It comes after new mom Serena Williams revealed in December that her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian, was seeking counseling to help with her teething.

Baby Tooth Eruption Chart Funny

“The tooth—that is, the devil—is very hard,” he wrote, and “poor Alex Olympia was very distressed” when her first teeth began to appear.

Serena, who welcomed her daughter with Reddit mogul Alex Ohanian on Sept. 1, says she’s tried treatments ranging from rubber beads to cold compresses to geopathic water to no avail.

Baby Tooth Eruption Chart Funny

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Plastic teething rings available in supermarkets and drugstores are useful, especially when you have gum disease.

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Baby Tooth Eruption Chart Funny

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Baby Tooth Eruption Chart Funny

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