Bridal Shower Save The Date Wording

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Bridal Shower Save The Date Wording

Bridal Shower Save The Date Wording

There are many details that go into planning a bridal shower and it all starts with creating the invitations. Just like wedding invitations, wedding invitations have their own etiquette. For starters? It’s a good idea to give guests as much notice as possible and send at least four to six weeks in advance.

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The wording of your invitation—along with the design—will dictate how formal or casual, traditional or modern the shower should be. More traditional gatherings may open with the bride’s invitation phrase:

Bridal Shower Save The Date Wording

If you’re having a coed shower, be sure to include the bride in the invite so people know it’s not just a girls’ day. However, if the party is for the bride only, keep their names off the invitation. You want to include them as a way to celebrate the couple, but doing so can confuse guests.

Make sure these are in fonts that people can easily read. To make sure the date is clear, write the month without using numbers. For example, instead of 11-6-17, write November 6, 2017. And while you can include the address of a shower, in today’s age of Google Maps, you can save space and enter the name of a restaurant or location. (Of course, if hosting the shower at the host’s home, addresses must be included.)

Bridal Shower Save The Date Wording

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You’d be surprised how many people forget this important detail. Include the name, phone number or email address of the person the visitor should contact.

To make sure you know how much food to order or wine to buy, include an RSVP date so you can start planning.

Bridal Shower Save The Date Wording

Although not required, it is always a good idea to include who is throwing the party, especially if there are more people attending. This way guests know who to thank and are not the only RSVP contact to contact with any questions. You don’t need to provide contact information for each host, but if the hosts are relatives, it’s a good idea to include it with their name. For example, “Hosted by Aunt Linda, Aunt Rhonda and Aunt Leslie”. If all maids are hosting the shower, instead of listing names, you can add a line at the bottom of your invitation that says “Her favorite maids of honor.”

Bridal Shower Invitation Wording Tips And Ideas

There are two ways to include a wedding registry in the invitation. The first is to direct visitors to the couple’s wedding website. For example, write: “For registry information, please go to [insert site here].” Another option is to name the stores where the couple is registered: “[The name] is registered to Bed Bath & Beyond, World Market and Crate & Barrel.” Whichever option you choose will do the trick.

Bridal Shower Save The Date Wording

It depends on the type of shower and who is taking it. If the shower you’re throwing is hosted by only the maids of honor and close friends of the bride (we’re not talking about any family here), it’s fine to use an email invitation. But remember that every part of the wedding experience is unique to the bride, and a printed bridal shower invitation goes a long way—especially when it comes to preserving memories. If the shower includes family members such as grandparents, extended family, or old friends, it’s best to include a printed invitation; You never know what might be missing online. Save the dates is an important step in wedding planning, giving your potential wedding guests the information they need to decide if they can attend. Plus, these cards are easy to create and allow you to send them to your guest list once you’ve confirmed the date and location of your big day. Although the wording of these cards is very simple, there is a date etiquette to follow when writing them.

Keep it short. Your save-the-dates should be simple enough to answer who, where and when you’re getting married (we already know why!) If you have a wedding website, include a link for those who want to attend. Get married, get into the specifics as soon as possible.

Bridal Shower Save The Date Wording

How To Write The Date And Time On Your Wedding Invitation

Choose which actions you want to request save the dates. When your guests receive your card, you’ll want to take steps to make sure they’re available on your wedding date, enter your wedding information in their calendars, and start reviewing them in preparation for the ceremony. Do so make sure the information on your cards guides these activities.

For a destination wedding, this card can also point guests to the information they need to get started on their travel plans.

Bridal Shower Save The Date Wording

Let recipients know that an invitation will follow. Make sure guests don’t save the date for your formal invitation by leaving a note that follows the formal invitation at the bottom of the card.

Save The Date Cards & Wedding Postcards: Free Shipping

Send them at the right time. It is best to send the dates six months before the wedding. For a destination wedding, you want to get cards 10-12 months in advance, as people need a lot of time to plan their vacations and book travel and accommodations.

Bridal Shower Save The Date Wording

Choose a design that reflects your wedding style. Since your save the date is the first communication of your wedding, make sure it mimics the overall style you’re hoping to go for on the big day.

Send only to the people you absolutely want at your wedding. Save the dates, only send to those you absolutely want at your wedding. Although these are not formal invitations, they convey the message that recipients are invited.

Bridal Shower Save The Date Wording

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Editing. Before ordering or mailing your save the date cards, read the information a few times and have another person or two check it to make sure there are no mistakes and all the information is included. As you write the manuscript, save the dates, create a template to use as a guide, and make sure all the information in the template is correct.

Consider saving the dates online. Make send-the-dates as easy as possible by sending digital cards. Sites like Joy allow you to post online save the dates for free and offer a variety of unique designs to choose from.

Bridal Shower Save The Date Wording

Extras. Even if you’re not into DIY cards, but want to make your cards extra special, you can add extras like an engagement photo, a poem, a favorite quote, or another feature that represents your personality. However, resist the temptation to add too much, as this can damage the card.

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To make your save the date as easy as possible, here are some text ideas to get you started.

Bridal Shower Save The Date Wording

While most save the date cards provide the following information, there’s a lot of wiggle room in how you get by with traditional or simple wording.

Since save the date cards are the jumping off point for travel planning for your destination wedding, it’s smart to tell guests where they can find key travel information.

Bridal Shower Save The Date Wording

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Guests love getting a real piece of happy message in the mailbox, and our cheap bridesmaid invitations are so cheap you can flip!

Bridal Shower Save The Date Wording

When you sit down to create your bridal shower invitations, there are some important pieces of information that are important. Others are helpful but not necessary. Here are the rules for writing bridal shower invitations and helpful examples. Go ahead, steal it, we don’t mind!

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It sounds like a big “duh,” but don’t forget to mention the bride’s name. Or, the name of the couple if you have a couple shower.

Bridal Shower Save The Date Wording

You may be surprised at how often people forget the date or time of the ceremony.

People need to know where to go, so add a location and address if needed. If you’re taking an outdoor shower in a small town, perhaps the name of the place is fine. Know your guest list and

Bridal Shower Save The Date Wording

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