Buying Rabbits From Pets At Home

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Buying Rabbits From Pets At Home – It may be tempting to think of rabbits as ordinary animals, but in reality they are anything but. Just like cats and dogs, rabbits come in many sizes, shapes and personalities – in fact, there are 62 different breeds of rabbit registered with the British Rabbit Council, and countless more mixes and crosses!

Once you’ve considered the type of rabbit that might best fit your lifestyle, this helpful guide can help you decide whether you want a baby or adult rabbit, see where you can get your new rabbit, and help you ask the right questions. .

Buying Rabbits From Pets At Home

Buying Rabbits From Pets At Home

Your rabbit’s personality is their most unique trait and pet rabbits are full of character! From the mischievous, fun-loving Dachshund, to the calm and patient Dutch rabbit, there’s a rabbit for every home. So, as long as you have enough time, and are comfortable with financial responsibilities and needs, there is urgency for you.

The 15 Best Rabbit Breeds

Rabbits are incredibly social animals, but can also be very hormonal. The latest welfare advice is to always house rabbits at least a couple, but adding a new rabbit into the house later is difficult, although there are many tips and help to help you.

Buying Rabbits From Pets At Home

When considering buying a rabbit as a pet, always think about getting two. This way, you can get a bond mate, or two from the same litter, that will have a better chance of getting along. Don’t forget those hormones! Even the most beloved bunnies will fight if they are not neutered, so all rabbits should be neutered unless you want to breed with them; Even if you have two men or two women! Neutering also has other benefits; Your rabbits will be calm with you and your family, and neutering reduces the risk of certain health problems such as specific cancer.

Other pets, such as guinea pigs, unfortunately are not suitable companions for bunnies; Not only do they speak different languages, rabbits have powerful hind legs and accidentally injure their guinea pig friends.

Buying Rabbits From Pets At Home

Choosing Your New Rabbit

Baby rabbits are called kittens, or kitties, and are certainly cute, but who’s to say moms aren’t cute too? One of the first decisions when choosing to bring rabbits into your home is whether you want to have baby rabbits or rehome or buy rabbits for adults.

Kittens can be handy! Like most baby animals, they are curious, sometimes wary and generally pack a punch. Because rabbits are prey animals by nature, unlike cats and dogs, their natural alertness to new people and situations is high – no surprise, as they are programmed to warn of threats! This means that socializing baby rabbits for handling and interaction can take time and patience, and can be frustrating, especially for children who may have difficulty understanding why they can’t cuddle their new rabbit right away.

Buying Rabbits From Pets At Home

Adult rabbits are usually already socialized, but like pets in a new environment, they will take time to adjust. This can speed up integration into a new family, and for house rabbits can also mean you don’t have to worry. About things like toilet training.

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It is also important to think about the commitment you can make to your new family member. Rabbits can live an average of 7-10 years, and the Guinness Book of World Records has a rabbit that is over 18 years old! The lifetime cost of owning a rabbit is £9000, before additional vet costs if they become ill or injured, and part of the commitment to owning a pet is feeling able to provide them with everything they need, for the rest of their lives.

Buying Rabbits From Pets At Home

Although the choice between baby and adult rabbits depends a lot on your family’s preferences and circumstances, it is worth considering adopting an older baby rabbit. They are generally calmer, may be used to handling, and you get the joy of knowing that you have given the bunnies a second chance at a loving home.

Unfortunately, Rabbits are often neglected in England and it is estimated that 67,000 rabbits are surrendered to rehoming centers each year. This means that there are many rabbits in the rescue center. Considering their quick reproductive skills, and the lack of frequent disturbance in the rabbit population, many rescue rabbits are children or young adults after being part of the rescue!

Buying Rabbits From Pets At Home

Picking A The Right Rabbit Cage

So, if you decide that you definitely want a baby rabbit, rather than an adult, consider a rehabilitation center or rescue center. Even if they don’t have baby bunnies at the moment, they may have a waiting list that you can join, or make a note to contact you if baby bunnies arrive. They may even have young rabbits that suit your needs – a visit can’t hurt!

There are also private adoption agencies or rescue groups, some of which work in centers and some of which use animal shelters. Some pet stores also do pet adoptions, including Pets At Home who do support pet adoptions, so if you go into a pet store, ask if this is something they support. Although baby rabbits can not be neutered until they are 4 months old, many rehoming centers or animal husbandry agencies will start their vaccinations, since rabbits are thoroughly checked for health and can also provide protection from fly bites if it is in season. All rabbits are returned by Support Adoption For Petscome with free vaccinations and vouchers to use in your local area, a great way to start you off on the right foot!

Buying Rabbits From Pets At Home

While a rescue is a great way to help a rabbit in need, it’s not for everyone. Finding the right rabbit for your family is the most important consideration, and a great pet store like Pets At Home can be a great place to find your new addition! The most important consideration when looking at buying a baby rabbit from a pet store is to make sure the rabbit is in optimal health, and that the people working in the store know the rabbit. This should include knowledge of where they come from, the management they have, the breed and the best way to care for the bunnies they have. Did you know that Pets At Home is licensed to sell pets? This means that they must be inspected by the Council every year to make sure that they meet all the required standards.

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Good rabbit breeders can raise their bunnies at home, especially if they are rare breeds or do well in shows. The advantage of this is that these rabbits are generally born as part of a planned litter, and grow up in a home environment. It is often possible to see both parents, or at least the mother, and private, dedicated owners often know a lot about the breeds they work with.

Buying Rabbits From Pets At Home

A concern with selling rabbits online is that it is difficult to find out if the seller is a legitimate breeder. Show-bred rabbits can cost a lot more than regular rabbits, and unfortunately some people may see this as a quick way to make a buck. This is especially difficult because the pedigrees of rabbits can be faked, and the discovery of fakes can take a lot of time.

Some rabbits for sale online may be the result of accidental matings and ‘outbreeding’, but again it is difficult to distinguish these from unscrupulous people who breed solely for profit. If you’re not sure, it’s best to walk away.

Buying Rabbits From Pets At Home

Pets At Home Puts Temporary Ban On Selling Rabbits Over Easter Weekend To Stop Impulse Bunny Buying

Part of your consideration as a potential rabbit owner will be the choice of breed/crossbreeding of your rabbit. The pedigree of rabbits is slightly different from that of dogs – for a rabbit to be classified as a breed, the previous 3 generations must be of the same breed, and the rabbit must meet breed standards. Many rabbits that exist will have the characteristics of a certain breed, but may not have the genetic history to be a true breed.

However, unless you plan to breed/show, the real pedigree is not a high priority – the main consideration is that the rabbits you get are healthy. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carefully consider the ‘type’ of rabbit you want to get. Different breeds often have different distinctive personality traits – although all rabbits are individuals! By looking at the characteristics of all available breeds and matching them to your own home environment, you will increase your chances of finding the right bunnies for you and your family.

Buying Rabbits From Pets At Home

An online search for your area is generally the fastest way to find a local rescue center that works with rabbits. While most are fine, it’s important to make sure you’re happy that your rabbit is well cared for – rabbits need a clean pen, shelter, a large exercise area and access to water and grass.

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Good rescue center

Buying Rabbits From Pets At Home

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