Can My Employer Monitor My Work Computer At Home

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Can My Employer Monitor My Work Computer At Home – Technology has been a huge boon to the workplace. We get our work done faster, more efficiently, and from more places. Employees are no longer confined to an office cubicle. With smartphones and business-oriented apps, you can check your email, the location of your next appointment, and even your weekly sales goals from anywhere.

Along with all these positives, the important issue of privacy stands out. When most of your work is done with technology, employees should realize that while they now have more convenient ways of doing their work, their employer also has more convenient ways of monitoring what they do. The truth is, your employer can monitor almost every piece of technology you use at work.

Can My Employer Monitor My Work Computer At Home

Can My Employer Monitor My Work Computer At Home

Yes. Over the years, the courts have allowed employers to monitor their property. This means that a business owner can monitor almost everything that is done on a work computer including:

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Yes. A 2007 survey by the American Management Association and the ePolicy Institute found that 66% of employers monitor Internet communications, specifically web browsing. The survey also showed that 30% of employers said they had fired an employee for inappropriate computer use. Web browsing isn’t the only thing monitored on an employee’s computer, 45% of employers track employee keystrokes or the amount of time they spend on their keyboard, while 43% of employers said they viewed stored computer files.

Can My Employer Monitor My Work Computer At Home

You can count on the fact that employers have gotten more sophisticated about tracking computer usage of contract employees since the survey was conducted.

Yes. Work email is not private. Employers can monitor any email sent or received through a work email account. not considered private. However, there must be a valid business reason for a business to monitor email. Many companies will ensure the right to do so by providing employees with written notice through employee handbooks or notices posted in public areas at the workplace that the company will monitor any email sent or received on the work computer. Even if they don’t give written notice, employers can in many cases read employee emails on work accounts.

Can My Employer Monitor My Work Computer At Home

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This is a more complicated issue. If you use a web-based email account, such as Gmail, on your work computer during business hours for personal email, and you sign your employer’s consent to monitor use of your computer, everything you write on the web email account can be monitored, even if Email for personal use. The only exception to these policies is that employers cannot monitor the email their employees use for union-related work on their own time.

Different countries handle this issue differently. If you are concerned about your employer monitoring your personal email, you should speak to an employment attorney as soon as possible to clarify the situation.

Can My Employer Monitor My Work Computer At Home

The best way to avoid any problems with personal email at work is to treat your web-based email account as a business account. Don’t access your personal email on your work computer.

What Not To Do On Your Work Computer

Yes. Employers can monitor employee phone calls for quality control purposes. Technically, employers are supposed to stop listening once they realize the call is personal. If there is a policy not to make personal calls during business hours, however, the business owner can listen enough to determine the purpose of the call. The employee may then face disciplinary action if it was a personal call.

Can My Employer Monitor My Work Computer At Home

Yes, with some restrictions. The 2007 American Management Association survey referenced above found that more than 50% of employers who participated in the survey reported using video surveillance in the workplace to deal with theft, violence, or vandalism. About 16% of employers also answered that they monitor the performance of employees through video surveillance.

If employers use video cameras, federal law allows employers to use video surveillance without employees’ knowledge or consent as long as they do so legally. Courts tend to place a greater burden of proof on employers, however, if they use hidden cameras. Employers cannot justify the use of hidden video cameras for “security”. They should be able to provide a more plausible “commercial” reason to justify the use of hidden cameras.

Can My Employer Monitor My Work Computer At Home

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In most states, employers are not allowed to conduct video surveillance in areas such as bathrooms or rest rooms. Even if your state does not specifically prohibit this process, any employer would have a hard time explaining why they would film employees changing clothes or using the restroom.

Yes, if you are driving a company car. Employers use GPS installed in company vehicles to track the speed at which employees drive, the length of breaks they take on the road based on how long the car has been idle and the employee’s location. In some cases, GPS in company phones has also been used to monitor the movements and locations of employees while on or off the job. It is a very divisive issue between employers and employees.

Can My Employer Monitor My Work Computer At Home

The employer must have a legitimate business reason to legally register an employee. Federal law is vague but requires that an employer be able to audio-record an employee, without his or her knowledge or consent, if it is not being done to commit a crime.

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It may also depend on whether you work in a “bipartisan state.” If you operate in one of these states, state law requires the consent of all parties involved in a conversation before it can be recorded. There are 12 cases of mutual consent:

Can My Employer Monitor My Work Computer At Home

In all other states, only one party has to give consent, which often includes the person recording the conversation as long as they are participating in it. If you are concerned about your employer signing you up, consult with an employment attorney about how your state will handle the situation.

In some cases, yes, but again this is more complicated. In the aforementioned ePolicy Institute survey, 16% of employers said they monitor social media for employee comments. And you can almost count on the fact that as social media has grown over the past decade, so has employer surveillance.

Can My Employer Monitor My Work Computer At Home

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However, there are some limits to what an employer can do to an employee for what they post online. However, employees cannot rely on the First Amendment. The First Amendment protects you from government abuse of free speech. if you work for a private company; However, it does not protect you from your employer. If your employer doesn’t like what you post on social media, they can punish or fire you, especially if you are an employee at will.

Yes. US courts have found that employees do not have reasonable expectations about privacy because their work desks or work safes belong to their employer.

Can My Employer Monitor My Work Computer At Home

The answer to this question depends on the circumstances and the situation. If you work in a high security area or in a company where there has been a lot of theft, your employer can search for you as soon as you leave work as long as the search is not gassed. Your employee handbook will often contain instructions for this type of job search. If not, check with your employer’s human resources department.

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Despite employers’ broad permissions to monitor many of their employees’ activities, supported mostly by state and federal courts, there are some things employers are not allowed to do.

Can My Employer Monitor My Work Computer At Home

If you use a personal electronic device, such as your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, to check or send emails, your employer is not allowed to monitor what you send or receive. In some cases, especially if your position involves important government or business secrets, your employer may require you to install monitoring devices or apps on your phone or tablet. You do not have to grant permission, although this may affect your work. Consult with an employment attorney before signing any agreement to install an app on your personal device.

The laws regarding employer monitoring scripts on personal devices are very similar to the law regarding personal email. The Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 prohibits “unauthorized interception” or access to electronic communications. Employers need your permission before they can monitor text messages on personal devices. The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits unreasonable search and seizure and may provide additional protections for public sector employees.

Can My Employer Monitor My Work Computer At Home

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While the First Amendment does not protect employees who blog or post on social media, there are some other legal limits on an employer’s right to fire you for what you post. At last count, 29 states and the District of Columbia have passed laws prohibiting employers from disciplining or firing employees for what they do offsite. Pennsylvania is not one of these states.

Oddly enough, some of these laws were originally designed to protect smokers from harassment and discrimination. They basically protect employee behavior as long as it is legal. Legal experts believe these laws can protect anyone with a personal blog or social media account. This includes protection for:

Can My Employer Monitor My Work Computer At Home

This last category includes written protection in national employment

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