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Sherlock Holmes. Huckleberry, Finn, Captain Ahab, Anna (with “it”). These characters shape childhood. Our education… and our lives to some extent

Character Chart

Character Chart

The characters in the book are like immortal friends, right? I admit that I am always sad when a book is over and my time with these friends is over. (Probably not much for Captain Ahab… But with Anna, of course!)

Character Chart Template

Yes, characters are what connect us with books. If you want your child to love reading Introduce him to a character worthy of love. And if she doesn’t find the man she loves Keep trying!

Character Chart

I remember when I was teaching grade 4, one of my students was exceptionally illiterate and one day he was carrying a book to RECESS to read. I almost died. What caused this sudden change? He was introduced to…hold on…Captain Underpants. Hey, whatever works.

So, the next time you sit down and read with your kids. Or start writing a novel with the class. Take time to talk about the characters. Here are 2 ideas to help you do just that:

Character Chart

Who Rules The World

I hope these ideas will make your children Yours can stop reading during school breaks in no time… Although the main goal is to see George and Harold do his duty.

Look out for the next article in this series about Characters: Bringing Characters to Life Through the Wax Museum. But that was just the first step in developing a novel actor. Now we know who everyone is, what they want, and what role they play in it. Now it’s time to find out how they interact. How to chart character interactions in the beginning Name all characters in the left column and top row. starting with the main character Read on to see how the character interacts with other characters. Read on to see how others react to that character. The example above is very simple. So I can show you how to read the chart. Now for a small breakdown of what happens in each box… 1) Relationship Describe the basic setting of your character’s relationship. Don’t use the words “brother” or “neighbor” or “wife” though. will be the description But these descriptions tell us nothing about the characters’ personal interactions. Describe the relationship with terms such as: friend, enemy, friend, lover, rival, etc. Siblings can be friends or foes. Also notice if the relationship has changed over time. Two brothers can start as enemies and end as friends. Or two colleagues can start as friends and end with lovers. Another thing to consider is that characters can see their relationship differently. One might think they were dating. But the other thought they were just friends with benefits. That’s why the chart has two corresponding fields for each relationship – one for each character’s POV.

Character Chart

2) Behavior How do the characters behave when they are next to each other? Examples: friendly, hostile, loving, vulgar, anxious, suspicious, etc., as well as relationship statuses. These behaviors can change throughout the story. Please note that there are different behaviors when two characters are together alone with the group. 3) Opinions What do the characters think of each other? Of course, this can vary greatly from their behavior. As we all know that People tend to hide their true feelings. towards a person (e.g. acting friendly when hating that person and ‘planning rejection’), but of course your author must know the truth. How to use the Character Interaction Chart A story is just a series of conflicts between characters. Charting character interactions is a simple way. To see if you have enough conflicts When I first made this card I know there is a conflict between the protagonist and the villain. But the conflict between my protagonist and the other characters is minimal. Mine is a bit flat, and this card makes it easy to see that conflict isn’t necessarily openly hostile. It could be a mysterious difference in opinion or strange behavior. and last but not least Make sure this conflict affects the protagonist’s journey.

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In summary, use this character interaction chart to make sure you have enough character conflict to support the story. How about you, fellow writers? Do you use charts to map character interactions? or have another system? Let me know in the comments!

Character Chart

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