Credit Card Register Template

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Credit Card Register Template – Reconciling a credit card account is similar to reconciling a bank account, except that the credit card account is a liability-type account designated as an Asset checking account. Also, in a credit card reconciliation, you compare and reconcile credit card ledger transactions recorded in Excel or other personal finance software with the monthly credit card prepared by your credit card company. Also, instead of checking your normal account entries (deposits and other credits) and checking your credit card account’s outgoings (checks, payments and other statements/debits), you deal with purchases/payments/cash advances (and other debits). . and payments made to pay off credit card balances (and other loans). Debits and credits from a bank account perspective.

Fraudulent credit card charges are very common, and even if the credit card company notifies you of fraud on your credit card account, you are responsible for reconciling each transaction and approving it on your monthly credit card. you have done or allowed. Also, credit companies may have periods in which you must report fraudulent charges so they can remove them, so reconciling your credit card account can help you find any transactions you missed or incorrect amounts. Also, if you discover a fraudulent or incorrect transaction, you can file a charge with the credit card company to dispute the charge. Recording your credit card transactions in an Excel spreadsheet or personal budgeting program and reconciling your credit card bill each month can help you save money.

Credit Card Register Template

Credit Card Register Template

In addition to paying charges for card transactions that you open when you reconcile your credit card account or when your bank warns you, the credit card company may make an error, such as double-billing or incorrectly charging interest charges, or the merchant willfully. or mistakenly overcharge you. It is important to report errors to your credit card in a timely manner. Also, credit card account reconciliation can help you better control your credit card balance and existing credit.

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Because the Excel ledger used to record your transactions is the same as having a checking account or credit card account, you can use the same tools described to reconcile your credit account.

Credit Card Register Template

After you reconcile your monthly credit card bill in Georges Budget for Excel, Georges Excel Checkbook Register, or Georges Excel Checkbook for Mac, the combined cleared figure in the upper right corner of the Excel register should equal your account. finalizing credit card balances. However, even if you have completed your monthly credit card account reconciliations, they may not balance if there are errors in the reconciliation process, such as marking or marking the wrong item as “Reconciled” (Cleared) in the Excel registers. point Because the Excel registers were reconciled (cleared), but the amounts were actually different, either the credit card had something that was not in the Excel register, or the credit card register balance was not properly reconciled before the current account was reconciled. . After a credit card account reconciliation, if the “Total Cleared” indicator in the upper right of the Excel register does not equal your credit card closing balance, it will look at the credit card account reconciliation to make sure everything is correct, and the Excel register balance before the current reconciliation is performed. This expense form template in Microsoft Excel can be used to track your business card expenses and is great to use if you pay by credit card. your small business or blog.

This Excel template is great for accounting for small business credit cards…it helps you make sure you include all of your business expenses (outside of your bank account).

Credit Card Register Template

Check Register Template

Note: To use this template, you must have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer or have an Excel online subscription.

If you need to track your small business or blog income and expenses from a regular bank account, check out my Excel Cash Book.

Credit Card Register Template

Choose the one that matches your business’s fiscal year end date, click on it and the download will be instant – if you don’t see it downloading in your browser, check the download folder on your computer:-

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Open the download and save the file to your computer – give it a name of your choice or use an existing one.

Credit Card Register Template

The template can track credit card details. If you have three business credit cards, you should keep three copies of the template.

I recommend saving a copy of this expense form template and practicing data entry before you start entering the necessary information – change the names, enter some numbers for income and expenses, and see how they change the balance columns and totals. reports. Play it to feel good.

Credit Card Register Template

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This template is an Excel workbook with 16 worksheets. Here’s what they are and a screenshot of each – more on the details later.

Stationery, gas etc. you enter your expense names. These are your business’s “accounts” as shown in the Chart of Accounts.

Credit Card Register Template

12-titled spreadsheets showing each month of the year – where you enter your daily spending transactions – each column has a bottom, and each row has a total and daily balance for income and expenses.

Payment Schedule Template » The Spreadsheet Page

This summary report tells you what your business’s profit or loss is based on the information entered in your monthly spreadsheets. It updates automatically.

Credit Card Register Template

This page links to all the months and two report sheets. If you change your top 5 (for example) to buy t-shirt promotions, this will change the monthly top 5 column name.

It will also update the account names in the P&L or Balance Sheet. Light yellow cells are associated with Balance. Green shaded cells are associated with P&L.

Credit Card Register Template

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There are two “Payment” income columns and one “Other Fund” income column. Why? It refers to income that is not from the sale of goods or services, but from the following activities:

There are also four “Other Cash Paid” columns attached to the balance sheet:

Credit Card Register Template

This is different from how it works for a business bank account, where the balance will increase with a payment received and decrease when something is purchased.

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If it goes to a credit card account, the balance on the expense form template is reduced.

Credit Card Register Template

For example, if your credit card balance is $1,040 and you make a $1,000 credit card payment from your business bank account, your credit card balance will drop to $40.

Now that’s all that’s left, according to the credit card company. This is how it will appear on the expense form template.

Credit Card Register Template

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For example, say your credit card balance is $1,195, and you pay a $45 cell phone surcharge to bring your credit card balance up to $1,290. What will this cost form template look like?

If the credit card balance on the expense form template is a balance owed to your credit card company, it will show as a normal value (for example, $250.00), but if you have overpaid your credit, it will show as a negative red value. card (eg $50.00).

Credit Card Register Template

A credit card balance is shown in an account called a credit card balance because any credit card balance owed to the credit card company is similar to a loan from them.

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All loans are liabilities because they are owed to another business. By the way, some accountants will enter the balance as a negative balance under the Assets section of the balance sheet, which is perfectly acceptable.

Credit Card Register Template

Some people make the mistake of thinking that they have to show their credit card limits, but they don’t.

A credit card limit does not affect the credit card account and should not be included in business financial records.

Credit Card Register Template

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Only the amount owed to the credit card company should be shown for your expenses.

It can often take 5 or more days for a transaction to be processed and cleared on your credit card.

Credit Card Register Template

Let’s say you bought a laptop for $800 on January 31st using Internet Banking

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