Dental Billing And Coding Jobs From Home

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Dental Billing And Coding Jobs From Home – Known as the leading dental insurance coverage and dental collections company based in Houston, Capline Dental Services is your one stop solution for the stress that can come from tooth loss, collections and accounts receivable from the elderly

Hiring a dental billing and collection services company can greatly reduce this problem in your practice, making the constant headache of collecting fees a distant memory. When you choose the billing professionals at Capline Dental Services, you are investing in a service that can handle both simple and complex insurance and billing challenges, resulting in better performance and profitability for your practice.

Dental Billing And Coding Jobs From Home

Dental Billing And Coding Jobs From Home

At Capline Dental Services, our goal is to collect all insurance money owed to your office. We solve your dental billing problems using a fully developed method. Our experts work at every step to ensure the correct processing of the insurance application.

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Dental billing and collection must be accurate and efficient in order to facilitate a smooth cash flow for each dental procedure. However, this is not always the case with all dentists, as long as the patient has received treatment, this method can still be found chasing payment from the insurance company.

Dental Billing And Coding Jobs From Home

That’s why it’s important for any dentist to hire the right billing and collection staff, correct all your requests and make sure you can pay. benefits for your practice.

At Capline Services we are committed to providing the best dental care and experience to all of our affiliated dentists.

Dental Billing And Coding Jobs From Home

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We offer a variety of dental payment services that make it easy for any dental practice to collect what they are owed. Our comprehensive process includes:

Important information about deductibles, coinsurance, policy effective date and other coverage details is collected for proper verification of eligibility for dental coverage. We verify all of this information so that we know that the claim we submit for payment is 100% valid.

Dental Billing And Coding Jobs From Home

It is one of the most important aspects of dental billing, as long as invoices, case files and other relevant documents are reviewed and can be used to complete the claim information.

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It is important to enter the data in an orderly manner after it has been analyzed. Information such as patient demographics, dentist information, request codes, and more must be entered correctly. At Capline, our professionals are well versed in the latest billing tools that assist with data entry and dental claims processing.

Dental Billing And Coding Jobs From Home

The dental records process can be a long and difficult task if not managed properly. As it requires a rigorous review of essential information that must comply with current regulations, applications must contain verified information in the correct format for smooth approval.

We maintain an easily accessible database that includes descriptions of benefits, patient information, insurance information, and treatment information. As all the data of the above applications are properly stored, it helps to quickly retrieve the information needed for instant verification. In addition, data is kept confidential and is only shared with authorized insurance companies and may be requested by consumers.

Dental Billing And Coding Jobs From Home

Medical Billing And Coding Program

We share detailed descriptions of the benefits with the necessary information about the amount paid by the health insurance provider, as well as the patient payers if any. Other things that are included in EOBs are deductibles, payment options, and things that are not included in the insurance plan.

Pre-authorization is the process of obtaining prior approval from the insurance company as well as the estimated cost of the treatment for the patient. This helps both the patient and the dentist know in advance what the insurance company will pay. and it is very helpful to get more insurance benefits.

Dental Billing And Coding Jobs From Home

Our registrars know all the information about the dental codes used, which helps us to use the correct codes for each dental procedure in the insurance claim for faster processing.

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If a claim is rejected for any reason, our team helps you quickly identify the error and correct it immediately to appeal the claim rejection and get an immediate resolution. We recognize misspellings, missing data, incorrect service codes and more.

Dental Billing And Coding Jobs From Home

We provide continuous application information that allows patients to monitor the progress of their application.

We help dentists get paid faster simply by following a practical step-by-step guide to dental billing and collection. Our teams are available to you at all times to answer all your questions and draft all requests in a way that is easy to find at all times and easy to transfer if you have decided to change providers. Below are the steps we follow:

Dental Billing And Coding Jobs From Home

How To Start A Medical Billing Company

Dental fees and collections are something that can prove to be a challenge for anyone from time to time, especially if the business is new. At capline services we have a team of experts who have been working in this field for a long time and who have the right solutions to all the challenges that may be difficult for others. By choosing us, you get a wide range of services such as:

We make sure you pay the best rate in the market so you get the best price and value.

Dental Billing And Coding Jobs From Home

We follow all terms and conditions of confidentiality agreements and therefore your data is confidential information.

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Our expert teams offer full support at any time, either to clarify or to know the status of your claim.

Dental Billing And Coding Jobs From Home

We have all the dental codes at your fingertips, so we are able to implement the correct coding successfully.

Many dental insurance companies still rely on paper and filing cabinets to store information and documents related to claims.

Dental Billing And Coding Jobs From Home

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When a claim is pending for a long time, it directly affects the cash flow of the dental practice which negatively affects the revenue cycle.

Correct coding is the backbone of every successful dental claim, but with many companies promising correct coding, there are far too many who fail to do so because they do not hire coders.

Dental Billing And Coding Jobs From Home

Every dentist feels stress in their work related to patient care, as well as in administrative work if they are involved in both.

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The patient experience not only includes receiving first-class treatment, but also includes receiving real-time updates on claims, as well as detailed patient statements that many practices do not send.

Dental Billing And Coding Jobs From Home

Our software is able to consolidate all information related to a single application in one place to solve problems electronically for efficient results.

At Capline we have a team of dental billing professionals who ensure that claims are submitted correctly so that payments are made on time to the dental practice.

Dental Billing And Coding Jobs From Home

Medical Billing For Dental Offices

We have a team of coding experts who know the codes that are currently in use and are therefore able to fill in the correct ones according to the dental procedure and treatment received.

With our free process of providing clean images, regular follow-up and sending payments on time, we let you do what you do best, which is treating patients at your own pace.

Dental Billing And Coding Jobs From Home

To provide an enhanced patient experience to every patient, you need the best dental care and the best dental payment. We’re here to implement the latter while you handle the former.

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Our Capline Dental Services team works 24 hours a day to provide clients with up-to-date billing and collection performance reports on a weekly and monthly basis. We also specialize in on-demand reporting to keep you up-to-date at all times on your financial year income.

Dental Billing And Coding Jobs From Home

This report provides a summary of the total number of claims received and paid, as well as the number of claims settled or settled during the month.

This report includes an estimate of the month’s production and total insurance, repair, and unexpected AR revenue collections for that month.

Dental Billing And Coding Jobs From Home

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This report shows the billing, processing, patient billing and in-process (AR) amount with the estimated production amount for each month.

In this report, we provide you with a month wise comparison of your outstanding A/R history. It also shows the current level of claims over years with a full figure.

Dental Billing And Coding Jobs From Home

We support all process management tools, such as Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Open Dental, Easy Dental, Soft Dent, etc. Just let us know what software you have. We will take care of it.

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Yes, we work with any type of imaging software Dexis, Vixvin, Schick, XDR or any other imaging software.

Dental Billing And Coding Jobs From Home

No problem. We can help you. We will guide you on how to set everything up so that we can provide you with services. We’ll also guide you on how to go digital at the very least

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