Editorial Schedule Template

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Editorial Schedule Template – Find effective social media editorial calendar templates for marketers, media managers, market research specialists, strategists and coordinators. Plus, get tips on developing useful content for successful social media campaigns.

There are four basic social media editorial calendar templates on this page: Social Media Editorial Content Calendar Template, Social Media Editorial Calendar Template, Monthly Social Media Editorial Content Calendar Template, and Social Media Audit Template. We include best practices for using each template.

Editorial Schedule Template

Editorial Schedule Template

Social media campaigns should be easy to plan, implement and evaluate. An editorial social media content calendar helps you and your team focus on planning and distributing social media content. A social media calendar is a tool you use to schedule your posts. A social media content editorial calendar helps you strategize around content production and plan publication dates.

Tips And Examples For Designing A Content Calendar

Filling out your social media editorial calendar can help bring your campaign to life. The template provides the right structure to ensure you plan and generate social media on time and publish at optimal marketing moments.

Editorial Schedule Template

This unique dashboard-style template comes pre-populated with social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), making it easy for you to plan your social media campaign content. You can fully customize the template to assign content tasks, schedule deadlines, and define sales cycles and sales seasons. There is also space to enter details of the social media content to be produced, including the specific social network for each date, time, content type, subject, copy, optimal URL link and any related notes to your social media marketing campaigns.

This fully customizable social media calendar editorial content template is the perfect tool for planning successful social media campaigns and setting relevant content strategies and deadlines.

Editorial Schedule Template

Content Calendar Excel Template

An effective social media editorial calendar provides a snapshot of planned social media campaigns and allows you to track content details. A pre-filled, color-coded social media editorial calendar template can help you track the results of social media and social media campaigns.

The new social media calendar helps you plan your posts. An editorial social media calendar helps you track the individual content deliveries required by each campaign.

Editorial Schedule Template

This template highlights entries with a color associated with each social media brand (eg Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) for easy identification. You can add as much information as you want to each cell entry. You may want to include the following information:

How To Plan Your Business Blog Calendar (free Template)

This social media editorial calendar template is a good solution for keeping your content production on schedule. Whether you’re starting your strategy from scratch or looking to improve your existing social media marketing practices, a template can help. Use the month-by-month version for easy visual planning in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Editorial Schedule Template

This easy-to-use template covers all phases of social media campaigns, from planning launch dates and strategies to creating and publishing content to measuring results.

An ideal social media editorial calendar should allow you to see at a glance what content is needed and when it is needed.

Editorial Schedule Template

Content Marketing Templates & Tools In Google Sheets

Use this month-by-month editorial social media content calendar template to keep your content production on track. This easy-to-use template makes it easy to:

Monthly editorial social media content calendar template includes social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest). You’ll find columns for your marketing campaign name, sales cycle, goals, post text and link (URL), and content type, as well as plenty of room for notes. Fill in the rows with the date and day of the week to clearly see what content is due and when – whether it’s in draft or ready to go.

Editorial Schedule Template

This template will help marketers take into account every stage of planning, implementing and evaluating the success of your content campaign.

Content Calendar Google Sheets Template

A social media audit is one of the most important tools in the social media content toolbox. Using a template can help you achieve your campaign goals and improve your strategy for future campaigns.

Editorial Schedule Template

Add your data to this social media audit template to see how successful your campaign is. Rich in analytics, this template also includes metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of your social media campaign by tracking:

The template offers pre-populated social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr and YouTube, with room to add more. You will find columns for Optimum Link (URL), Profile Name, Followers, Date of Last Activity, Post Frequency, Monthly Referral Traffic, Percent Change (Last Year), Percent Change (Last Month), Clicks Per Post, Click Changes Per Post Platform Reach and social media.

Editorial Schedule Template

Free Social Media Editorial Calendar Templates

The social media audit template is also the perfect tool to perform a post-mortem analysis of your social media campaigns to find areas for improvement. Read our article to learn more about postmortems.

An editorial social media calendar allows you to identify your target audience, set content tasks and deadlines, enter sales cycles and seasonal information, and determine the details of social media content (or the content itself), plan specific social networks, campaign goals, and optimal links for publishing content campaign after launch.

Editorial Schedule Template

Use an editorial social media calendar template to track content and make sure it’s ready after launch and that you’ve accounted for any time- and resource-sensitive interdependencies. Organize campaign content into individually assigned work items and assign these content tasks to marketing team members. The editorial social media calendar template also allows you to plan (and track progress) all stages of your social media campaign – from the early stages of planning and strategy to the successful completion of the campaign.

Time Saving Social Media Templates

Without the ability to see every aspect of your social media campaign in a single dashboard view, your campaign can fall apart – you could miss key points or miss content deadlines, resulting in missed sales and business partnerships. Make sure you have a single-source method for tracking individual content tasks and the content of your social media campaign as a whole.

Editorial Schedule Template

Regardless of your industry—and whether you prefer a daily, weekly, or monthly view of your social media campaign content—the editorial social media calendar template lets you customize content to launch your social media campaign on time, within a specified period. budget, and to the satisfaction of your customers and management.

Empower your people to go above and beyond with a flexible platform designed to fit your team’s needs—and adapt as those needs change. The platform makes it easy to plan, record, manage and report on work from anywhere, helping your team to be more efficient and get more done. Report on key metrics and gain real-time operational insight with summary reports, dashboards, and automated workflows built to keep your team connected and informed. When teams have clear work to do, there’s no telling how much more they can accomplish at the same time. Try it for free today. We’ve compiled the most useful editorial calendar templates for optimizing editorial content, including customizable templates for marketers, social media managers, content strategists, and campaign coordinators. You’ll also find tips on planning, creating and publishing content.

Editorial Schedule Template

Free Editorial Calendar Templates

On this page, you’ll find a general editorial calendar template, a blog editorial calendar template, an editorial content calendar template, and a social media editorial content calendar template. In addition, you will learn how to use the editorial calendar.

When planning content, it’s essential to have an easy way to assign content tasks to meet publication dates and keep marketing campaigns on track. An editorial calendar can provide a dashboard view of your content production and publishing schedule.

Editorial Schedule Template

Using an editorial content calendar template can help you keep track of content production, dates, and events. The most useful calendar templates will also include an area for content notes so you can document reasons for content delays and other unexpected events.

Why You Need An Editorial Calendar For Your Blog [free Template]

Use this comprehensive editorial calendar template to keep your production content active on time—from initial brainstorming sessions to campaign content launches. Organize content each year using a unique annual content calendar tab (including date, content title, subject, author, responsible person/department, and status columns). For a month-by-month view, click on the editorial calendar summary tab.

Editorial Schedule Template

We’ve also included a content brainstorming card that you can use to lay the groundwork for editorial plans. Fill in the subject, paper title, suggested author, potential author, intended publication date, metadata, and comment columns to spark ideas. Use the Content Archive tab to track past editorial content campaigns.

This editorial calendar template has a unique dashboard style that allows you to plan content, efficiently assign related tasks, and schedule deadlines.

Editorial Schedule Template

A Blog Editorial Calendar Template That Will Save You Time

If you’re looking for marketing calendar templates, check out Free Marketing Calendar Templates in Google, Excel, and Word Formats.

An editorial blogging calendar is a useful tool for setting posting dates and setting weekly schedules for content development. The calendar also helps you check if you are using the blog as an effective channel to reach your company’s target market.

Editorial Schedule Template

Use this dynamic blog editorial calendar template to track results with the following tabs and columns:

How To Create Your 2022 Editorial Calendar (free Template)

Download this fully customizable template for easy monthly blog planning in Microsoft Excel. You can also save the Google Sheets template to your Google Drive and share it with your team members.

Editorial Schedule Template

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