The Benefits Of Printing An Employment Form

Sunday, April 9th 2023. | Sample Templates
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The recruitment process is an important part of any organization, and a crucial step in the process is the employment form. Employment forms help employers to obtain the necessary information about an applicant, and decide whether they are suitable for the job. However, with the advancement of technology, many organizations are now relying on digital forms to collect this information. But there is still a place for the traditional paper form, and many employers still prefer to print out an employment form for their applicants. Here we look at some of the benefits of printing an employment form.

Easily Accessible

One of the major advantages of printing an employment form is that it is easily accessible. Unlike digital forms, paper forms are not dependent on the internet or other forms of technology. All an applicant needs is a pen to fill out the form, and the employer has a physical copy of the form which can be stored and accessed whenever needed. This makes the process of collecting applications much more efficient.


Printing employment forms is also a cost-effective option. There is no need to invest in expensive software or hardware, such as computers, printers, or scanners. All that is needed is a printer and some paper. This means that employers can save money on their recruitment process, as they will not have to pay for any additional costs associated with digital forms.

Easier to Read

When compared to digital forms, paper forms are much easier to read. All an employer has to do is to look at the form and quickly assess the applicant’s qualifications and experience. With digital forms, the applicant’s information can be spread across multiple pages and it can be difficult to find the relevant information quickly. This can make the recruitment process longer and more difficult.

Easier to Fill Out

Another benefit of printing an employment form is that it is easier for applicants to fill out. With digital forms, applicants have to enter their information into a form, which can be a lengthy and tedious process. With a paper form, applicants can simply fill out the form in their own time and submit it when they are ready. This makes the process much simpler and more efficient.

Easier to Track

Paper forms also make it easier for employers to track the progress of their recruitment process. With digital forms, employers have to keep track of who has filled out the form and who has not. This can be a time-consuming task. With paper forms, employers can quickly and easily see who has submitted the form, and can keep track of who they need to contact to discuss the job further.

Easier to Modify

Paper forms are also much easier to modify if necessary. If an employer needs to make changes to the form, they can simply print out a new version of the form and distribute it to their applicants. With digital forms, employers have to make changes to the form online, which can be a time-consuming and complicated process.

Sample Employment Forms

Employment Application Form

This form is generally used for job applications and collects information about the applicant’s background, skills and experience. The form should include sections for the applicant’s contact details, employment history, education, and references.

Employment Agreement Form

This form is used to outline the terms of an employment agreement between an employer and an employee. It should include details such as the job title, salary, benefits, responsibilities, and any other conditions of employment.

Employment Termination Form

This form is used to document the termination of an employee. It should include information such as the termination date, reason for termination, and other details.

In conclusion, the advantages of printing employment forms are clear. Paper forms are easily accessible, cost-effective, easier to read and fill out, and easier to track and modify. They can be a valuable asset to any organization’s recruitment process.

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