Free Blank Bill Of Sale For Boat

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Free Blank Bill Of Sale For Boat – A bill of sale for a boat (ship) gives a buyer proof that they have purchased a watercraft. The form is signed by both parties and can be notarized for additional validity. A bill of sale is often required in the registration process because it lets the DMV know that the new owner has legally purchased the boat.

A boat bill of sale, combined with a title, proves that you are the rightful owner of a boat that you bought. It lists the type of boat that was sold, the names and addresses of the buyer and seller, how much the boat was sold for, and any other useful information that the parties wish to include. It is important to know that a title is the true sign of ownership – a deed of sale only reinforces the fact that the new owner obtained the title legally.

Free Blank Bill Of Sale For Boat

Free Blank Bill Of Sale For Boat

How to Sell a Boat “The two happiest days in a boat owner’s life are the day they buy a boat and the day they sell it”

Free Arkansas Boat Bill Of Sale Form

Although it is a joke among boat people, there is a lot of truth in the saying above. Make the sale moment truly special by following these guidelines:

Free Blank Bill Of Sale For Boat

When looking for boats for sale, buyers will often gravitate towards those for sale that require little or no repairs. Not to mention a clean, sparkling boat will set it apart from the competition.

Should it be rented? Not necessarily, although it can be a full or multiple day process depending on the size of the boat and the number of hands working. That said, professional boat detailers will often ensure a level of cleanliness that is difficult to achieve for weekend warriors. According to KelleyMobileDetail, professional boat detailing will cost anywhere from $8 to $40 per foot. However, remember that if the seller intends to spec their boat themselves, they need to factor in the cost of buying clean (if not already owned).

Free Blank Bill Of Sale For Boat

Vehicle Bill Of Sale Utah Form Template Blank In Pdf & Word

Listing a used boat at a price that matches its value is easier said than done. However, there are resources that facilitate the process. Use NADA guides to get a ballpark of what the boat is worth. Be honest with the questions it asks. While all boat owners would like to believe their boats are in good or excellent condition, few truly deserve that label. Often the best way to identify a good value for a boat is to search online for boats of the same make, model, year and condition for sale (see step 3 for recommended websites).

Sellers can list their boat for sale online (best option), place their boat for heavy foot or vehicle traffic, and/or purchase advertisements in newspapers and other types of media. Online listing is the most recommended option because it reaches a wide audience of buyers at a relatively low cost. The recommended sites for placing a boat include:

Free Blank Bill Of Sale For Boat

Once the ad is live, shoppers will start asking about the boat and will often ask to see it in person. How much effort the seller wants to put into their listing is entirely up to them. For particularly expensive boats, it is common to take the boat for a test drive. This shows the potential buyer that the boat is in good condition and that the seller is confident in his offer. If a buyer is interested in buying, the negotiation can begin. Before negotiations, the seller must determine in advance the lowest price they are willing to go for. This monetary wall helps the seller know when to put their foot down and reduces the chance of losing out on a heated sale.

Free Boat (vessel) Bill Of Sale Form

The sale can be completed by any party, although it is usually completed by the seller as they are more familiar with the boat being sold. A bill of sale form can be obtained from either:

Free Blank Bill Of Sale For Boat

Regardless of which option the seller chooses, the following information must be entered on the form:

The original bill of sale must be given to the buyer after money has changed hands. If desired, a copy can be made for additional parties.

Free Blank Bill Of Sale For Boat

Texas Boat Bill Of Sale Template

At the top of the first (first) page, enter the names of the buyer(s) and sellers. There is usually only one buyer and seller, although two (2) names may be written if the purchase is made by, for example, a married couple. Underneath the names, write the day, month and year when the sale was completed. Under the date, write the amount ($) that the buyer will pay in total for the boat, trailer and/or engine.

Depending on what was sold to the buyer, one (1) or all checkboxes must be checked. For example, if the buyer buys a boat without an engine, only the first box should be checked. However, if the boat contains a trailer and two (2) engines, all check boxes must be checked.

Free Blank Bill Of Sale For Boat

Finally, if one (1) or more “engines” are selected, the following must be specified for each:

Free Tennessee Boat Bill Of Sale Template

For each option selected, enter the price the buyer will pay for each. All added amounts must equal the amount entered in step 1.

Free Blank Bill Of Sale For Boat

At a minimum, the buyer and seller must sign their name, date the signature and print their name. However, if they want additional proof that they both signed the form, they can have up to two (2) witnesses witness the signing of the form. Each witness would be required to sign and date their name and print their name legibly.

Notarization must be provided by a licensed notary public. If used, a notary will witness the signature of the buyer and seller and place a digital or physical stamp on the document. This adds “weight” to the signatures of the parties, further proving the validity of the form. It can be considered voluntary in most cases, although parties should check their local boat registration laws to be sure.

Free Blank Bill Of Sale For Boat

Free Tennessee Boat Bill Of Sale Form

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This printable boat sale letter is the perfect option if you want to transfer ownership of your boat or vessel. It can be used as a legal document for the seller to keep a record of ownership and a record of proof of purchase for the buyer.

Free Blank Bill Of Sale For Boat

Along with boats, you can use this boat sale with other types of jet skis such as:

Free Bill Of Sale Templates

You also need to think about what will happen to the boat, such as outboard motor, life jackets, trailer or other equipment.

Free Blank Bill Of Sale For Boat

A boat sale template is better suited for the sale of a boat than a generic bill of sale because it has specific requirements and details that you need to fill out.

Remember to be very accurate and clear when completing the vessel sale form and try to provide correct information to the best of your knowledge.

Free Blank Bill Of Sale For Boat

Free Boat (vessel) Bill Of Sale Forms

There are two versions of the sales letter template and you can find them in PNG format or PDF.

There are two sheets to this Boat Bill of Sale and you will need both. The first sheet is where you will fill in all the party information and the description and details of the vessel being sold, traded or gifted.

Free Blank Bill Of Sale For Boat

The second sheet is where you will find the terms and conditions of the buyer and seller, including confirmation of the purchase price and payment method.

Free 7+ Boat Bill Of Sale Forms In Pdf

There is also a certificate of recognition to be signed by a notary. The notary acts as witnesses to the signing of the form by the seller and the prospective buyer.

Free Blank Bill Of Sale For Boat

Tip: The buyer must register the boat with the state immediately after the purchase. They must use the completed deed of sale, title form and registration documents to do this.

The boat sale template is printed on US Letter or A4 paper. Just click the image or PDF link of the sales letter template and save it to your computer. Then print.

Free Blank Bill Of Sale For Boat

Free Michigan Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form

I highly recommend using a boat sale template when selling or transferring ownership of your boat or watercraft. It is a good protection to have that you can keep for your own records.

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Free Blank Bill Of Sale For Boat

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Free Alabama Bill Of Sale Of Boat / Vessel Form

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Free Blank Bill Of Sale For Boat

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