How To Start Making Your Own Jewelry

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How To Start Making Your Own Jewelry – There are many reasons why people want to make their own jewelry. Maybe your tastes are on the more expensive side and you want to save some money. Or maybe you won’t be able to find the right accessories to match your style. Or maybe you’re just passing by your local bead shop and want to dive in and play.

But knowing where to start can be overwhelming. After all, there are many tools to sell and ways to learn. If you’re feeling a little lost, don’t worry: this overview will give you the essentials to find in every beauty kit. Once you get it, you’ll be a #boss in no time!

How To Start Making Your Own Jewelry

How To Start Making Your Own Jewelry

For basic threading, you will need crimping pliers as your first tool. They come in three sizes – mini, regular and maxi – and are used to crimp beads and tubes in your jewelery making, making bracelets and necklaces that are strong and durable.

Make Your Own Diy Jewelry Tree

If you are using them for the first time, use standard crimping pliers. And don’t be afraid to use better brands – while they won’t wear as easily as crimpers, if you use a cheap brand, your crimp won’t be as clean or tight as it should be. It will be a beautiful piece.

How To Start Making Your Own Jewelry

This requires wire work. There are many different types, but beginners start with wire cutters because they are good for cutting industrial wire and hard wire like headers. Just be aware that they can only maintain specific measurements, so you need to pay attention or buy a special cutter if the project calls for it.

Bead wire is flexible and strong. It is made of fine strands of individual stainless steel wires that are twisted together and provided with a strong nylon coating. You can get it in many different styles—various strap counts, widths, metal finishes, colors, etc.—but go ahead and get the simple one. We recommend 0.018″ to 0.021″ 7 strand cable in any finish you want.

How To Start Making Your Own Jewelry

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Pipes and tubes are hand applied with custom brushes; They are the building blocks and places where your jewelry is (not so much for decoration). To crimp, simply thread the box or tubing over your wire and using crimping pliers to hold it in place, secure the crimp to begin crimping.

You can tell the difference between boxes and tubes easily: boxes are round and tubes are like little balls. Beginners should try pipes instead of boxes – they are stronger, more stable and cleaner.

How To Start Making Your Own Jewelry

We finally did the fun stuff! There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to buying chains, so feel free to go wild! That said, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Diy Your Own Trendy Necklace

Start with beads of different shapes and sizes. It’s a good idea to have some small spacer bags and small stamps for the body of your designs. Then add some big boxes for a point (or two)!

How To Start Making Your Own Jewelry

The more you do it, the faster you’ll find your ~decorative voice~ and you’ll be drawn to boxes that are bigger, smaller, rustic, chunky, geometric… Before you get there To get there, you have to experiment. So pack a box of different options and find your own #aesthetic.

There are tons of photo designs and each one adds something different to your piece. Play around with each method and choose the one that works best (or the one that best suits your project).

How To Start Making Your Own Jewelry

Free Earrings Design Idea

Beading is just the beginning of your jewelry making career! Although this is a good starting point (since the only technique you need is crimping), imagine a world of jewelry at your fingertips. Try wirework, beading and metalworking to find the job that’s right for you.

4 Responses to “5 Killer Tools Every Budding Crafter Should Have (With Tips To Find Your Style!) Other than these, all you need are polymer clay stamps.

How To Start Making Your Own Jewelry

The lace I used for this project was very delicate so I chose a solid turquoise color which worked well (if you use fabric lace for your pattern like I did I recommend (I like solid stamps but of course add colors of your choice) .

Go Your Own Way Lariat Necklace

Also, if you are using Fimo Soft or regular Fimo Fimo Professional for this project, you can use a solid screw or whatever interesting thing you have after rolling the clay. You can make a picture at home, give the little house your own beads.

How To Start Making Your Own Jewelry

For more details on the different types of clay you can use in your decorating project, you can read my article What You Need to Know Before You Start Metalworking at Home.

For a long time I rolled polymer clay with household items such as a rolling pin, pots and the like. But when you roll the clay this way, there’s always the possibility that it won’t be the same thickness on all sides. This may not apply to small jewelry making, but when making bead beads like this, you want all of your beads to be the same thickness and size.

How To Start Making Your Own Jewelry

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In this case, I used a pasta machine to roll out the clay. My machine has thicknesses from 1 to 7. I rolled these dies to thickness 3, which is about 2-3mm thick.

After rolling out the clay, you need to cut out strips about 1 cm wide to make beads. Using a small ruler, I cut equal width strips in all corners.

How To Start Making Your Own Jewelry

After cutting out the pieces, use a pencil or something similar to roll the clay around it to form beads.

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A video is worth a thousand words, right? In the video below you can see the process of making stamps from polymer mass.

How To Start Making Your Own Jewelry

For each Fimo mass, you will find instructions for baking the paste. Depending on the type of clay, the baking time and temperature may vary, so check the original bag before placing the boxes in the oven.

I baked the Fimo mass with the skin solution I used at 130 degrees for 30 minutes. After baking, leave the oven door open and the boxes will cool completely. Do not force the cooling process as it may crack.

How To Start Making Your Own Jewelry

Diy Marble Jade Earrings And Pendant Necklace

Step 1: If you are using regular Fimo Soft, you may need to trim the ends of the stamps slightly after baking to make them nice and smooth. You can do this with a nail file or 1000 grit sandpaper. I like the Fimo finish because the clay can be cleaned well before firing so no sanding or polishing is needed.

This is one way to finish your polymer clay necklace. I like to use a chain so I can change the length later if needed.

How To Start Making Your Own Jewelry

Step 5: Place the chain in the middle if you want to change the length of the necklace later.

A Rocaille Seed Bead Necklace With A Crystal Stone Jewellery Pendant

This information is accurate and correct to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not intended to replace the advice and recommendations of a professional professional. If you take the time to make your own jewelry, you can make unique gifts for your loved ones. This can be more rewarding than just going to the store and buying something for someone. You can put a lot of love and care into every piece you decide to make.

How To Start Making Your Own Jewelry

Of course, you need the right equipment to make the best jewelry. To make things look their best, you need to get really good quality jewelry and all kinds of jewelry. Fortunately, it is very easy to find silver beads for jewelry making when you know the right dealer to turn to. You can get all the jewelry at reasonable prices and you can start making whatever you want.

Shopping for furniture should be a lot of fun. You have so many beautiful things to look at that it can be difficult to narrow down exactly what you want to buy. Custom sewing supplies are plentiful and you will find lots of beads in different colors. This gives you the opportunity to really think about how you design your jewelry at the basic levels.

How To Start Making Your Own Jewelry

Make Your Own Beads

A visit to a bead store will allow you to get everything you need for the manufacturing process. You will make the best decorations and you can count on all the equipment of the highest quality. Whether you’re looking for colorful alphabet stamps or love Swarovski crystals and stamps,

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