How To Start Your Own Candle Making Business

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Are you thinking of starting a candle making business? The idea may seem daunting, but it’s worth it. We started as a small family business but have grown since the beginning. We’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way, but let’s start with the most important: The most successful businesses start because someone is passionate about something and wants to share what they love with others.

How To Start Your Own Candle Making Business

How To Start Your Own Candle Making Business

In this guide, we’ll help you decide if candle making is right for you, and we’ll walk you through the steps to get started.

How To Start A Candle Making Business Online

If you’ve been thinking about starting a candle making business, use this guide as a blueprint for your first steps. If you’re still on the fence about whether a candle business is right for you, consider some of the reasons why candle business owners love the entrepreneurial life:

How To Start Your Own Candle Making Business

Handmade crafts, such as candles, are some of the fastest growing small businesses in the country. According to the National Candle Association, candle sales in the United States are estimated to exceed $3 billion annually. Here are a few more reasons why candles are a great business opportunity:

No matter the size of your business, having a business plan is essential. It helps you think about the future, build the foundation of your brand and frame your success. In this section, we will focus on 8 steps to building a practical and actionable plan.

How To Start Your Own Candle Making Business

How To Start A Candle Business In 2023 (guide And Examples)

Keep it short and don’t stress about putting all the details together perfectly. Getting started is probably the hardest part, but you can come back to it later. Your goals and business plan can change and adapt over time, especially in the first few months.

Take a moment to study these 8 steps, then check out our two downloadable candle work planning worksheets.

How To Start Your Own Candle Making Business

Think of this as your elevator pitch. Developing a strong, concise sentence helps sharpen your mission and connect with clients. First, define “who” and “what” in one or two short sentences. The “who” describes your company’s core focus, and the “what” describes the value you bring to your customers. Here’s an example: “Good Boy Candle Co. makes uniquely scented candles with unusual and memorable names for dog lovers.”

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Determining where your business fits within the broader candle market is an important step. Consider developing your candles around one of these three target markets:

How To Start Your Own Candle Making Business

Your market is the group of consumers most likely to buy your product. They are the customers you envision browsing social media, your website, or walking into a store to buy your product. Start by considering their age, location, interests and the price they are likely to pay for a candle. Knowing your target market allows your branding, messaging and pricing to cater to that specific group, rather than trying to please every potential customer.

The important thing is to start with a goal in mind, but be prepared to adjust and adjust over time. Successful companies are constantly adapting to better fit the market.

How To Start Your Own Candle Making Business

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Now that you know where your candle fits in the market, it’s time to identify your personal brand “niche” – what makes your candle unique and stand out from the competition. Here are some common ways to see candle makers find the perfect niche:

Ultimately, your goal should be to sell candles that are so different and unique that customers can’t buy them anywhere else.

How To Start Your Own Candle Making Business

Branding includes the visual elements of a brand, such as the logo, color scheme, design style, and company name. This will be your first impression and will set you apart from other brands.

The Candle Pour

To establish your brand, you need a business name. When you’re thinking, focus on what makes your brand unique, what you’re passionate about, and the experience your candle will provide to the end user. Do they encourage creativity? Remind them of their favorite vacation spot? Maybe they support a cause or organization. After thinking about it, ask a trusted friend or family member what they think of your brand. Discussions can help get your ideas off the ground or solidify! Remember to focus on the personal and the real.

How To Start Your Own Candle Making Business

Once you’ve found something catchy and memorable, check if the website’s domain name is available and run a trademark search. You don’t need to register a trademark right away, but as your business grows, you need to have an option available.

Once you’ve decided on a name, focus on choosing a color scheme and designing your logo. Canva is a great free online graphic design tool to get you started.

How To Start Your Own Candle Making Business

Candle Business Plan Template

We recommend that you create a budget for the first two months of your business. Estimate the cost of supplies, equipment and expenses; and don’t forget to pay for your own time and effort as a business owner!

Our article on how to price your candles is a great resource to help you budget, so if you’re overwhelmed, start here!

How To Start Your Own Candle Making Business

Start with a small and manageable product line. Think about which candles are most popular with your friends and family and whether they fit your target audience. Then determine the cost of production (consumables and time) for each item, as well as a fair price. Don’t be afraid to price your candles according to your time and effort. We’ve seen many candle entrepreneurs price their candles anywhere from $8 to $40 (or more) depending on their target market.

Starting Your Own Candle Business

Everyone’s ideal market is unique. Consider where your target market is likely to shop. Here are four markets to consider initially:

How To Start Your Own Candle Making Business

It can be nerve-wracking, but it really helps to let your personal network know you’re selling candles early. Your family, friends and colleagues can provide valuable feedback about your product line and can be your best brand ambassadors.

The process will vary depending on your location and unique business needs, but some general first steps include the following:

How To Start Your Own Candle Making Business

Soy Candle Making: How To Start, Run And Effectively Manage Your Own Home Based Candle Making Business By Eugene Barker

Here’s a helpful IRS checklist to help you start your own business and an article from Etsy on popular business structures for crafters.

Although starting a candle making business is relatively simple, we advise against anyone starting a business based solely on the desire to make a profit. Beware of companies promoting get-rich-quick schemes or turning the first candle you make into extra pocket money. Sounds good, but unfortunately it’s not very practical. Selling candles that have not been thoroughly tested will be disappointing.

How To Start Your Own Candle Making Business

Whether you use this as a blueprint to get started or a tool to help you decide if starting a business is right for you, we’re here to help you through every step of the process. We are candle makers who love helping other candle makers, from testing your candles to starting your business to grow.

Candle Making Supplies List For Beginners

We love helping entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. Have a question or want to share a comment? We are here to help. Contact our support team or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to stay up all night and start a business out of it, we have a great business idea for you. How about starting a homemade candle business?

How To Start Your Own Candle Making Business

If you create an affordable product that is trendy, as long as you advertise it well, it will sell well. Homemade candles are a DIY that can be useful even for non-professionals. It’s an easy-to-learn, business-ready skill.

If you like this idea and are curious to learn how to make candles, continue reading this article until the end. Let us get you started in the candle business and see you making money online!

How To Start Your Own Candle Making Business

Starting Your Own Candles Business In 2022

Making candles at home has become a popular product. According to MarketWatch, the candle industry as a home decor item is expected to be worth $5 billion by 2026. In recent years, candles have seen more commercial use than personal use. Among other things, they are used in spas, massage centers, restaurants and cafes to create an aromatic atmosphere for customers.

Many people still want to buy candles as the focal point of their home decor. They also use candles at home for aromatherapy, reducing stress and relaxing the body.

How To Start Your Own Candle Making Business

If we look at Google Trends about making candles at home, we can see that there is a very constant international interest in this DIY. Moreover, most of the candle searches come from North America, Australia, and the United Kingdom. For those looking to start a candle making business, here is a great insight into the statistics.

Candle Making Tips For Beginners

Google Trends also shows interest in certain types of candles. Some people prefer scented candles while others prefer soy candles. Buyers’ interests are not only strong but diverse.

How To Start Your Own Candle Making Business

So if you are an aspiring entrepreneur thinking about what kind of business to start, this information might be very helpful for you to decide to start

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