How To Write A Marketing Email Example

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How To Write A Marketing Email Example – You’ve just received a new lead from marketing and it’s time to send a compelling sales email. But how do you effectively start a conversation that ultimately leads to a closed deal?

After all, the average recipient receives about 150 emails a day and deletes about half of them. If you want to make an impact, your emails need to stand out from the crowd. It’s definitely possible and worth the effort – the average return on sales emails is $38 per dollar invested. This is a huge income potential.

How To Write A Marketing Email Example

How To Write A Marketing Email Example

With the right sales email examples for inspiration, you can craft the types of messages that will grab your readers’ attention and increase your chances of making a sale.

Whitelisting Best Practices For Email Marketing

Before we jump into sales email examples, let’s look at what constitutes a well-written sales email.

How To Write A Marketing Email Example

The most successful sales emails focus on the customer and their needs. That means personalizing every aspect of the message, from the subject line to the CTA. It’s also important to make sure you’re reaching out to the right prospects. Be smart about who you target in your sales emails and how you target them.

The average office worker receives hundreds of emails a day. A sales email subject line is your chance to prove that your email is worth opening. Shane Snow, author and co-founder of Contently, and Jon Youshe, Product Marketing Manager of Instagram, conducted an experiment to determine what kind of subject line and sales email would get a response from business executives.

How To Write A Marketing Email Example

How To Write Effective Dunning Emails

First, they collected the email addresses of 1,000 of America’s busiest business people, including 500 VPs and C-suite executives from the Fortune 500, as well as 500 C-level executives from Inc. 500. Next, they wrote 10 variations on a typical email asking executives for their opinions on cold emails. Here, you can see one of the most successful versions:

The two subject lines they tested were “Quick Question” (51 percent open rate) and “15 Second Questions for Blocked Email Research” (48 percent open rate). Although the open rate was almost the same for both emails, the “quick question” subject line had twice the response rate, at 66.7 percent of all responses.

How To Write A Marketing Email Example

A “quick question” is short and direct – two elements of a good subject line. The ideal length for a subject line is 41 characters (or about seven words). Short subject lines not only scan faster, but are less likely to get lost when displayed on mobile devices.

Marketing Assistant Cover Letter Sample & Tips

Successful sales email subject lines aren’t just short—they’re powerful, too. But how do you get someone interested with just a few words? Sometimes a quick secret question can do the trick.

How To Write A Marketing Email Example

B2B lead generation service CIENCE reviews thousands of emails for its clients, maintaining lists of good (and bad) sales email examples. One of the best emails explains exactly how to write a compelling subject line:

Sender “How do you pay [employee name]?” Using the subject line And the email asks about remote hiring in a country other than the recipient’s company. And then a seemingly random question sets up a discussion about the potential challenges of international labor (adjustment issues, money transfers, and so on). Finally, the sender reveals that their organization can provide solutions to those pain points.

How To Write A Marketing Email Example

Cold Email Strategy Guide: The 10 Step Method For Outreach That Works

Imagine you put the employee’s name in the subject line. Doesn’t their name catch your eye? And doesn’t that left field question intrigue you a bit? Sometimes all it takes is some compelling content to get people to open and read your sales email.

However, you shouldn’t look spammy or creepy. Try to achieve a level of personalization that shows you’ve researched your prospects but not invaded their privacy.

How To Write A Marketing Email Example

Along with the subject line, the opening line is a key element that sales reps often get wrong. This seems to come from a common template of using an opening line like “My name is Brad,” which can have a negative impact on your response rate.

Best Welcome Email Examples That Really Work (2023)

The best sales emails resonate because they speak directly to the reader. Marketing analytics software company Directive Consulting learned that lesson when it tried to increase the response rate to its guest blogger outreach. Out of 20 to 50 emails sent per week, the team is getting only two to four positive responses.

How To Write A Marketing Email Example

The above example has an impersonal opening line. He goes into a long, boring description of the sender and what his company does.

But Treyer tried a more creative variation on the same message. In the new version, the subject line is more interesting and the original contact has been replaced with the sender’s picture and bio:

How To Write A Marketing Email Example

Email Copywriting Tips For Engaging Content [+ Examples]

The opening line is made more personal by using the words “you” and “your” (more appealing to the reader than “I” and “we”). He gets straight to the point: “I’m emailing you because I’d love the opportunity to create content for your blog.” The line invites readers to go further if they want to know more.

Meanwhile, the sender’s bio has been changed to an image, so it no longer takes up valuable real estate in the email body.

How To Write A Marketing Email Example

People are busy. Most people don’t have the time or attention to read long emails that beat around the bush. If your message is too long, readers may balk before reaching your CTA.

Email Templates Businesses Use For Their Customers

According to Justin McGill, founder of LeadFuse, the best sales emails use the “QVC formula” to keep the copy concise. Ask a question (Q), present your value proposition (V), then include a clear call to action (C).

How To Write A Marketing Email Example

Check out one of the LeadFuze sales email examples to see how the three-step process works:

Notice how the email grabs the reader’s attention without drowning in text. The entire message can be read within 30 seconds.

How To Write A Marketing Email Example

Email Outreach: How To Send Effective Outreach Emails

LeadFuze’s cold email approach paid off: in one year, the company used cold emails to grow the company’s revenue to $30K per month.

The body of the email is less than 70 words. He asks a quick question, presents a pain point that LeadFuze can solve, and then asks for a meeting – personal, short and effective.

How To Write A Marketing Email Example

Two other great features of this email? The subject line asks a simple, compelling question: “Would you like more suggestions?” and P.S. At the end: “If you’re not the right person to talk to about this, let me know. Also, if you don’t want me to follow up with you – you can let me know that too!” This is an effective way to cover all your bases if you’re not reaching out to prospects.

Writing A Sales Pitch Email: Subject Lines, Email Examples + 5 Steps To Close

Is there a good rule of thumb for selling anything? It’s not about you – it’s about the customer. Creative strategist Jake Zorgovan took this lesson to the fore and created personalized cold emails (rather than sending regular batches of emails). His approach worked, earning around $12K in total.

How To Write A Marketing Email Example

Before sending his emails, Zargovan researches his target market to ensure the message is relevant to the recipient. Notice how the second paragraph of the email shows that Zorgovan already knows the reader’s needs well. By reviewing your buyer persona, you can help you craft personalized emails that speak to a prospect’s pain point.

Zorgovan also included a case study to support his claims about his company. His advice? Make sure the study you choose is relevant to the opportunities you are targeting.

How To Write A Marketing Email Example

Promotional Email Examples (+how To Write Your Own!)

A push sales email (eg, buy my product!) is a great way to get into the trash folder. Crazy Eye Marketing tried the opposite – a low-pressure CTA.

A company runs a cold email campaign for a small mobile app business. Working with 4,897 email addresses, they created five different email sequences to determine the best sales email sequence.

How To Write A Marketing Email Example

Most effective? Follow up via email with clear CTAs. The first email in the series asked for just 15 minutes of the reader’s time. Other emails asked recipients to answer a “weird question,” call the sender, or purchase an app. None of them featured a “15 minute” CTA, which offered the simplest and most obvious question.

Crm Ready Sales Email Templates For Every Step In The Sales Process

At the end of the email the reader knows exactly what to do (say yes or no to a 15-minute meeting), and the request is a short question.

How To Write A Marketing Email Example

Another great lesson from this case study is to keep sending emails even if you don’t get a response at first. Forty-four percent of sales reps are successful after the first email, but 80 percent of sales require at least four follow-ups. So, contact your contacts more than once. In the experiment above, the second email got the best response rate.

The most effective way to analyze sales emails is to track them. If you use a CRM to schedule and send all sales emails, you can easily measure results. For example, Sales can help you monitor when and how often your emails are opened and provide insight into the success of different campaigns.

How To Write A Marketing Email Example

How To Write A Monthly Marketing Report (with Template And Examples)

As the name suggests, open rate measures the percentage of recipients who open

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