How To Write A Pre Lab Report For Chemistry

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How To Write A Pre Lab Report For Chemistry – This is the 3rd laboratory. Do not copy verbatim so it is for reference only.

The goal of this lab is to learn densitometry skills, understand lab precision and accuracy, and test the effect of temperature on density.

How To Write A Pre Lab Report For Chemistry

How To Write A Pre Lab Report For Chemistry

You will be given one of three different water samples and you will measure the density of the sample assigned to you. -heat water and measure temperature and volume – You will then compare your results with the results of other water samples – discard waste

Distillation And Gc Guidelines

Iron (II) Sulphate: Health Hazard Rating – 2, Flammability- 1, Unstable – Potential Health Hazard – skin and eye irritation, harmful if swallowed, nausea and vomiting, Harmful if inhaled, harms liver and kidneys, affects reproduction Prevention: goggles, gloves and clothing

How To Write A Pre Lab Report For Chemistry

Calcium Hypochlorite: Health Rating-3, Flammability-0, Unstable- Potential Health Hazard- inhalation, ingestion or contact with skin or eyes may result in serious injury, burns or death, fire may produce toxic gases; Prevention – wear chemical protective clothing, goggles and gloves

You should know that these samples will have different densities because each water sample has different contaminants or no contaminant adds or subtracts to mass and volume.

How To Write A Pre Lab Report For Chemistry

Solved This Pre Lab Is An Example Of A Typical Calculation

To ensure that the water does not change due to evaporation and to be as precise as possible.

Data A is the most accurate result because of the lowest standard deviation of the 3 data sets.

How To Write A Pre Lab Report For Chemistry

Data A is also the most accurate because the mean closest to the true value is 1. g/mL.

Formal Lab Report Example

The key figures provide important information about the accuracy of the equipment used in the experiment. It is essential that we pass the correct number of significant figures when reporting values. If we perform mathematical functions, such as addition/subtraction or multiplication/division, the number of significant digits can vary depending on the function and the significant digits present in each value.

How To Write A Pre Lab Report For Chemistry

Note: You may want to improve your understanding of the rules for calculating significant numbers by reviewing your textbook or taking notes from the Lecture CHEM 101 course.

You will be assigned one of three different water samples and you will measure the density. It shows the quality of the lab work you’ve done. You will likely need to show your notebooks to the Chemistry Department at your university to receive credit for the experimental portion of your AP Chemistry course. Someone unfamiliar with your work will use your notebook to evaluate your lab experience, so make sure you’re COMPLETELY and COMPLETE.

How To Write A Pre Lab Report For Chemistry

Lab Manual For_electronic_circuits_final_march_13_2011

Start a Table of Contents that you will add with each lab you run. Include the test number, title, and page where the lab starts in your notebook.

Lab reports are written only on the front of the pages. The back side can be used for head work and notes. Do not use eraser or whiten. Draw a single line through any errors. DO NOT scribble out! Do not remove pages from the lab book (except for carbon copies to be submitted). Place the periodic table tag under the copy page before writing.

How To Write A Pre Lab Report For Chemistry

The lab portion of this class makes up 35% of your total score. To score well in Advanced Chemistry, you must master the art of lab report writing. Laboratory reports must be written individually. Copying will result in loss of credit from both parties involved. Your lab report should include the following sections: Title Purpose Introduction Procedures Data Sheets Calculations Graphs Questions Conclusion Before Lab After Lab

Write My Lab Report

6 Title The number of the experiment, the name of the experiment, the date of the experiment, your name, the name of your laboratory partner, the name of the course and the number of the phase must be written in the title box above. EVERY page of the lab. I will check that the title boxes are completely filled out on each page of the pre-lab preparation section as well as check when I grade your overall lab report.

How To Write A Pre Lab Report For Chemistry

7 Purpose A purpose is a brief one or two sentence explanation of what is to be achieved in the laboratory. It must be written in your own words, NOT copied from lab material!

8 Introduction Provides an overview of chemical concepts studied in the laboratory. How will the goal be achieved? All important chemical equations and mathematical formulas should be included in this section.

How To Write A Pre Lab Report For Chemistry

Analysis Of Acetic Acid Experiment

9 Procedure You will not be able to access the lab lab page, so you must rely on the procedure written specifically in your lab notebook. It should be written in a numbered list. DO NOT copy verbatim from the lab sheet. You should summarize the steps in your own way. Copying verbatim will result in a deduction of points. The goal is to familiarize and understand the process, eliminating costly lab errors and wasted lab time.

10 Data Sheet(s) Data sheets must be prepared in advance of the laboratory and filled in as the experiment progresses (not copied from a laboratory partner or from notes recorded afterwards). The data table must be drawn with a ruler. If you are not provided with the data sheet(s) on the lab panel, you must build one yourself. Remember, not all data fits into a tabular form. Sometimes labels and spaces are more efficient. Data must be entered with the appropriate number of significant digits and unit content.

How To Write A Pre Lab Report For Chemistry

11 Calculations If possible, number each calculation to match the worksheet. You should show how the calculation is done. Equations should be written separately before performing numerical substitution. LABEL each value with units and say what the value represents. For a series of calculations using the same procedure (as in multiple tests), only one sample calculation is shown. If a table of results is required in the laboratory table, it should be included in this section.

Lab Report Instructions

12 Calculation Example Calculations for Trial 1 are shown, with only one answer listed for Trial 2. Each value is labeled with what it represents. Equations are shown separately followed by numeric substitution.

How To Write A Pre Lab Report For Chemistry

When graphs are required, they should be plotted before you leave the lab session so you can check the quality of your data and rerun the test if needed. The charts should take up most of the page, and the axes should be scaled appropriately to fill the chart space. Remember to include the chart title and axis labels!

14 Questions The questions that you are asked on the worksheet are not based on calculations that will be answered in this section. Number the answers to match the number of questions from the worksheet. Rephrase the question as part of your answer and answer in full. Make sure you answer all parts of the question!

How To Write A Pre Lab Report For Chemistry

Solved Table To Turn In With Your Pre Lab Insert The

15 Conclusion This section is a thorough discussion of the results of the experiment, written in the third person. If possible, include the mean, percentage error, and standard deviation in your discussion. Conclusion should reconsider the purpose of the experiment. The results should be summarized and discussed for their accuracy. Are the mentioned scientific concepts accurately reflected (why or why not)? Which theory has been proven in the experiment?

Your conclusion should include a discussion of error analysis. Error analysis looks at possible experimental errors in the laboratory that could account for deviations of the data from expected values ​​(or documents). You must list at least TWO trial errors that could explain your results unless otherwise stated. NOTE: Instrumentation and human error exist in all tests and should not be considered the source of failure unless they cause significant deterioration. However, they do NOT count as one of the two required error sources. Sig Figs and calculation errors are NOT experimental errors.

How To Write A Pre Lab Report For Chemistry

First, are your results higher or lower than expected or documented values? Look at the calculation you did to get your results. How do the numbers involved have to be “off” to get an answer that is too high/too low? This value was higher than the prediction of 22.4 L/mol. For an answer that is too high, the numerator must be too high or the denominator must be too low (or both).

Chem 14bl Textbook Notes

What could cause the numbers to be “off” in such a way? The numerator represents the mass of hydrogen. What could make that volume so loud? One trick to finding test bugs is to look for complex steps in the process that may be nearly impossible to execute perfectly. The volume of hydrogen may be too high if air leaks into the barometric instrument during the complex “reverse” process required in the laboratory. The denominator represents the number of moles of hydrogen calculated stoichiometrically based on the initial length of the magnesium fragment. Since the measurement error is not an experimental error, we will assume that we have measured the length of the piece correctly. So how can we still guarantee a too low value for the number of moles of hydrogen? Another tip for finding test bugs is to look for any assumptions, generalizations, or shortcuts the process might have asked for in the test. One such generalization is that the magnesium ribbon maintains a length ratio of g/cm over the entire length of the ribbon.

How To Write A Pre Lab Report For Chemistry

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