How To Write A Professional Book Review

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How To Write A Professional Book Review – How to Write a Book Review: The Complete Guide for Students and Teachers WHAT IS A BOOK REVIEW?

Traditionally, book reviews are written evaluations of a recently published book in any genre. Usually, in about 500 to 700 words, they summarize the main elements of the text, assessing the overall strengths and weaknesses of the work. Published book reviews can appear in newspapers, magazines, and academic journals. They provide the reader with a review of the book itself and indicate whether or not the reviewer would recommend the book to the reader.

How To Write A Professional Book Review

How To Write A Professional Book Review

There was a time when book reviews appeared regularly in every quality newspaper and in many magazines. They were essential elements in determining whether a book would sell well or not. A review by a hard-hitting reviewer can often be the deciding factor in whether a book becomes a bestseller or a wet squip. However, in recent decades, the influence of book reviews has declined significantly, as many potential book buyers prefer to read customer reviews on Amazon or sites like Goodreads before making a purchase. As a result, book reviews appear less frequently in newspapers, magazines, and digital media.

How To Write A Book Summary (step By Step)

Even in the heyday of book reviews, very few students who learned to write book reviews became literary critics! The real value of producing a well-written book review for the student lies beyond its ability to influence book sales. Understanding how to prepare a well-written book review helps students:

How To Write A Professional Book Review

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, the purpose and form of the two species are distinctly different. In general, the purpose of book references is to provide a more detailed description of what happens in the book. A book report for a work of fiction usually details the book’s characters, main plot lines, and themes. Book reviews are generally written around the K-12 age group, and book reviews are usually not written by younger people in this age group because of the higher level of critical skills required to write them. In their highest form, book reviews are written by academic and professional reviewers.

Learn how to write a book review step-by-step with our comprehensive guide for students and teachers, starting with structure and features.

How To Write A Professional Book Review

Writing A Book Review

Curation The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. View the book as a WHOLE.

FAT UP OR DOWN? You will inevitably have to recommend or reject this book to potential readers.

How To Write A Professional Book Review

EMOTIONAL LANGUAGE Whatever your position or opinion, be passionate. Your audience will thank you for it.

Kirkus Reviews And The Plight Of The “problematic” Book Review

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How To Write A Professional Book Review

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As with any type of writing we teach our students, a book review can be usefully explained in terms of criteria. While there is a lot to the “art” of writing, fortunately, there are also too many nuts and bolts to list. Ask students to consider the following before writing:

How To Write A Professional Book Review

How To Choose The Right Document Type For Everything You Write

● Title: Often the title of a book review matches the title of the text itself, but the relevance of the title can also be explored a bit. How does this fit into the overall purpose of the piece? Does it convey a message or reveal larger themes in the play?

● Author: A book review can discuss who the author is and what they have previously written, especially if it relates to the current work under review. The author’s style and what they are best known for can be mentioned. If the author has received awards or prizes, this can also be mentioned in the text of the review.

How To Write A Professional Book Review

● Genre: The book review will identify the genre the book belongs to: fiction or non-fiction, poetry, romance, science fiction, history, etc. The genre will likely also relate to the audience the book is intended for and what the overall purpose of the work is.

Book Review: When Things Start To Think

● Jacket/Book Cover: A book cover often has artwork that is worth commenting on. It can contain interesting details related to the text that add to or detract from the overall piece.

How To Write A Professional Book Review

● Structure: The structure of a book often depends heavily on its genre. Before writing a review, students should check how the book is organized. Does it include a foreword by a guest editor, for example? Is it written in chapters or sections? Does it have a table of contents, index, glossary, etc.? While all these details may not make it into the review itself, a look at the structure of the book may reveal some interesting aspects.

● Publisher and price: A book review usually includes details about who publishes the book and how much it costs. The review often includes details about where the book is available.

How To Write A Professional Book Review

Jea Volume 9 Issue 1 Cover And Back Matter


By reading and engaging with the work they will evaluate, students will develop a sense of the form their critique will take. It will start with a summary. Encourage students to take notes as they read the paper to help them write a summary that will form the core of their review. Aspects of the book they may want to write in a work of fiction may include:

How To Write A Professional Book Review

● Characters: Who are the main characters? What are their motivations? Are they convincingly far-fetched? Or are they sympathetic characters?

Anatomy Of A Book Cover

● Themes: What are the main themes of the project? Are there any repeating patterns in the piece? Is the exploration of the themes deep or just superficial?

How To Write A Professional Book Review

● Style: What are the main aspects of the author’s style? How does it fit into the wider world of literature?

● Hypothesis: What is the main catalyst for the story? What happens in rising action? What are the plots of the story?

How To Write A Professional Book Review

Book Review Howto

A book review usually begins with a brief summary of the work itself. But it’s important not to give too much away, remind students – no spoilers, please! In the case of non-fiction works, this can be a summary of the main arguments of the work, without going into too much detail. In a work of fiction, a book review often summarizes the rising action of the piece without revealing too much!

The summary should also give the reader some direction. Given the nature of the purpose of the review, it is important that students consider their target audience when writing a review. Chances are, readers have not read the book in question and will need some orientation. This is often achieved by introducing the main characters, themes, main arguments, etc. This will help the reader judge whether the book is of interest to them or not.

How To Write A Professional Book Review

After your student has summarized the work, it’s time for some serious ‘revision’. At this point, the student should begin to develop their opinion of the book. To do this well, they should:

Free 11+ Book Review Samples In Pdf

Often when we teach essay we will talk to our students about the importance of going up and down the ladder of abstraction. Just as it’s helpful to explore big, abstract concepts in an essay by bringing it down to Earth, it’s also important for students to be able to relate characters, themes, ideas, etc. with their lives.

How To Write A Professional Book Review

Book reviews should be subjective. These are opinions and opinions arise from our life experiences. Encourage students to relate the work they are writing about to their personal lives in the text of the review. By making this personal connection to the work, students shape their opinions of readers and help them understand whether or not they will find the book interesting.

Just as it is important to go down the ladder of abstraction to show how work relates to personal life, it is also important to go up the ladder. Students should try to show how the ideas in the book relate to the wider world. This may take the form of the universality of the main themes of a work of fiction or, for example, of international arguments expressed in works of non-fiction.

How To Write A Professional Book Review

Fierce Company: Review Of Pauline Kael: A Life In The Dark, By Brian Kellow — Master Michael Quinn

A book review is by nature a subjective piece. But just because it’s subjective doesn’t mean opinions shouldn’t be

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