How To Write A Professional Quote

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How To Write A Professional Quote – A quote, also called a quotation, is a document issued by a company to a customer with the price of the sale before the customer has committed to the purchase. It is used to let a customer know exactly how much products or services will cost them and help them decide whether to continue with your business.

This article explains what a quote is, how it fits into the sales process, and how it differs from other sales documents. Sample quotations and free quotation templates for Word and Excel are also provided.

How To Write A Professional Quote

How To Write A Professional Quote

We send a quote early in the sales process when a customer initially inquires about your pricing. The customer will likely shop around to find the best deal.

Free Lawn Care Quote Template

Offers are not contractual obligations. Once a customer receives a quote, they can either proceed with the purchase or choose not to proceed with your transaction.

How To Write A Professional Quote

A quote should be sent when a customer asks you about your prices. It is important that these prices are accurate as they should not change once the customer receives the quote. After the quote is received, it can be converted into an invoice.

Quotation and invoice templates generally have the same structure, and your quotations should follow a similar format to invoices. Although there are no legal requirements for quotes, the quote must let the customer know exactly how much the product/service they are asking for will cost.

How To Write A Professional Quote

What Is Quotation In Business? Meaning, Format, Template & Example

If your business is registered for VAT, you must also include VAT on your quotation. It is also beneficial to clearly indicate “Quote” at the top of the document to distinguish it from other business documents.

If there are discounts in the sale, these should also be reflected on the quote. You can even offer a small discount to the customer if they get the quote quickly. This will work the same as a cash discount: by offering the customer a small savings if they get the quote quickly, you can attract more customers to do it and generate more business.

How To Write A Professional Quote

You want to make every quote as interesting as possible for the customer. In some cases, it may be beneficial to change the language of your quote for your client or issue it in their local currency. If you​​​​ choose to do this and the quote is accepted, for consistency, you must also issue a certificate in a foreign currency.

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Quotes and statistics are very similar, however there is one important difference. Both documents are sent to the customer inquiring about your products or services. However, the price may change.

How To Write A Professional Quote

Quotations should provide clear parameters and a fixed price that should not change if the customer accepts the quotation. Estimates, on the other hand, provide an estimate of the costs involved.

Depending on your business, it may not be possible to provide a quote with a fixed price. You may need to provide an estimate with an approximate cost instead. For example, if you work in construction and create construction invoices, you may need to obtain specific measurements before giving an accurate estimate.

How To Write A Professional Quote

Quotation Format Letter

Whether you are offering a quote or estimate, your documentation should be clear to the customer. If it is an estimate, it must be stated on the document that the price may change.

The proforma invoice is issued at various stages of the sales process. It is essentially an optional invoice that is issued to the customer after they have confirmed that the sale will take place, but before the final details have been confirmed.

How To Write A Professional Quote

For example, a customer has decided to buy 20 custom t-shirts from your company, but has not confirmed the final t-shirt sizes. A proforma invoice will be issued until the customer responds with the final figures.

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Neither proforma invoices nor quotations are legally binding documents. They must be converted to a standard invoice when the sale is completed and payment is due.

How To Write A Professional Quote

Once you’ve received a quote, your invoicing and quoting software often allows you to convert the document into a proforma invoice and a completed invoice without having to re-enter information.

In summary, a quote is sent when a customer asks about your prices, but has not committed to a purchase. The proforma invoice is sent after the customer has committed to the purchase, but the details of the sale may change.

How To Write A Professional Quote

Best Quotation Templates (doc, Xls, Pdf)

Below we have provided a sample quote for a graphic design company. It follows the same format as the invoice and includes all recommended quotations.

Some small businesses prefer to use Word and Excel to create their invoices and quote templates instead of invoicing software.

How To Write A Professional Quote

Below are free downloadable quotation templates in Word and Excel format. There are templates for freelancers and non-VAT registered businesses, as well as templates that include VAT.

Building Construction Quotation Sample Pdf (+ Editable Template)

Invoicing software is specially designed for creating engaging and professional sales documents and can save your business time and money. It not only helps you create invoices, but it can also help you create quotes and other sales documents.

How To Write A Professional Quote

Invoices is an invoicing software that can help you create and issue quotes in less than 1 minute. Our simple template automatically generates many fields and ensures that your quote is accurate. Invoice Templates has produced over 100 unique invoice templates for you to use. Therefore, you can create amazing quotes that your customers have never seen before. Most accounting template generators only allow you to use a generic style, with our templates your potential customers will stand out in a sea of ​​boring quotes.

Our templates are not only beautifully designed, but also come with unlimited cloud storage. Therefore, you can save items for faster speaking and can be adapted for different countries and languages.

How To Write A Professional Quote

Quotation Approval Letter: 8 Templates Writolay

After you create your first quote, our software automatically saves your items so you can copy them to your next quote. Now, instead of having to redo all the details on your quote template, you’ll have a perfect online quote in two clicks!

To make things even easier, every time you use an accounting template, our software immediately imports your business information and publishes the “from” field of your invoice. ​​​​​​When you create a quote for a repeat customer, our system will automatically import your customer’s information into your free estimate template, so all you have to do is add your saved items. You’ll have a clean and professional quote in seconds!

How To Write A Professional Quote

Even better, when you’re ready to turn your quote into an invoice, you can do so with one click! Just edit the quote, turn it into an invoice, and you’re ready to ship and pay.

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Having a professionally designed quote helps your clients see that you are the best company for the job. It also keeps you on their radar.

How To Write A Professional Quote

Getting multiple quotes from multiple companies to find the best deal is completely normal. It shows customers who can offer the best deal and the best price. Therefore, if you have a bright design in the sea of ​​Bland, black and white quotes you will automatically stand out from the competition. Our quote templates also give you the option to add on your company logo to promote your brand and look solid.

Is it more likely to trust an expert company with documents that look professional, or a company with a handwritten quote and zero branding? We know the answer!

How To Write A Professional Quote

Free Quotation Templates

When you create an account with Invoice House, you get instant access to our unlimited cloud-based storage where you can securely store all your free estimate template forms in one place.

Not only is it safer than storing your documents on a USB or hard drive that can be lost, stolen or damaged, but it also means you can access your invoices with any device with a WiFi connection. You can create a free quote template on your desktop and edit it on your laptop in a sync account.

How To Write A Professional Quote

If you need to change your free quote template while you’re at work or halfway around the world on vacation, you can download a handy mobile app to keep your quotes always close at hand.

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Invoice House has users in more than 150 countries. That’s why our free accounting template includes more than 150 different currencies, the ability to add different national taxes and the option to create quotes in multiple languages.

How To Write A Professional Quote

If you sell goods online, chances are you have at least one potential customer in another part of the world. We not only offer all coins worldwide, but we also offer them in different formats with numbers (€50) and ISO codes (€50). You will be able to meet all the requirements of your customers for cash formats, regardless of how little their money is.

In addition to having different currencies, many countries also have different taxes on goods and services. When using our accounting template, you can create custom taxonomy to reflect your customer’s place of residence.

How To Write A Professional Quote

Free Quote Templates

Just press the “add a tax” button on the sample quote template, give your tax a name (like “VAT”), and enter whatever you want.

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