Ms Project How To Create Subtasks

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Ms Project How To Create Subtasks – GanttPRO Project Management / MS Project Guide / How to create a Gantt chart in Microsoft Project

The Gantt chart is a well-known bar chart and a great project management tool for working with tasks, developing project plans, planning and tracking progress.

Ms Project How To Create Subtasks

Ms Project How To Create Subtasks

This chart provides a clear visualization of all tasks in the project, their order on the timeline, milestones, start and end dates, deadlines, and an overview of the progress of the project in one document. Everyone in the project can easily understand where the team is, what has been done so far, what is still in progress and what stage the project is at.

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Today, there are many project management software solutions that allow you to create and work with Gantt charts on projects. One of them is MS Project.

Ms Project How To Create Subtasks

If you want more tips on how to accomplish specific tasks in MS Project, check out our general Microsoft Project tutorial. As for other ways to create a chart, you can learn how to create a Gantt chart in Excel, PowerPoint, and even Word.

To create a Gantt chart in Microsoft Project, you need to prepare a list of tasks that will later be displayed in the Gantt chart. It is recommended to make a list of tasks in the order in which they should be done so that the project remains organized and easy to understand.

Ms Project How To Create Subtasks

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Now that I have a list of tasks, I open an empty project and add all these tasks to my project. To do this, you need to copy and paste them or click in the task name field and enter the name of each task. At this point, you won’t see the Gantt chart on the right because we haven’t defined the start and end dates for the tasks yet.

Also, if you have tasks that are related to each other, you can group them as subtasks. This can be useful for larger projects because it lets you collapse project sections to save screen space and make it easier to view your task list. Just select the task lines that are linked and click the indent button on the right side of the ribbon. This will convert the highlighted tasks into article subtasks.

Ms Project How To Create Subtasks

Now that we have all our tasks listed and organized as subtasks, let’s define their start and end dates so we can start creating the actual project schedule.

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Click the start date field and use the date picker to select a start date for the task. Or you can do it manually and enter the date yourself.

Ms Project How To Create Subtasks

Do the same for the end date. Click the end date field and use the date picker or enter the date manually. If you prefer, you can simply enter the duration in the duration field and MS Project will automatically calculate the end date.

Once all tasks have start and end dates, it’s time to add milestones to the project. Milestones can help ensure that a project is delivered on time and mark the end of certain project phases.

Ms Project How To Create Subtasks

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A. Enter a duration of zero days for a task that is already in the list. MS Project will automatically convert this task into a milestone.

B. Or insert a row where you want to create a milestone and click the milestone button.

Ms Project How To Create Subtasks

Since milestones are typically used to mark the end of a particular phase of a project, it can be useful to associate relevant tasks with these milestones. Just select the tasks that should be linked to the milestone and click the Link button on the ribbon.

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For more information on working with milestones in Microsoft Project, read the quick guide here.

Ms Project How To Create Subtasks

A Gantt chart template is a ready-made list of tasks arranged in a timeline and displayed on a timeline. They can have different formats depending on the program you are working with. The Gantt chart template in Microsoft Project will always be in mpp format. format in case you want to load it into that program or save it later.

You can use someone else’s templates or create your own templates. To do this, you first need to create a sample Gantt chart in Microsoft Project, from which you will later create a template. Once you have this sample, open the project you want to use as a Microsoft Project template.

Ms Project How To Create Subtasks

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Then go to File → Options → Save → Save Templates to choose where you want to save this new template.

Select File → Export → Save Project as File → Project Template. Then you will see “Save as” and you will have to choose a file name and project type which is project template.

Ms Project How To Create Subtasks

You will see another “Save as template” window where you can choose which data you want or don’t want to include in the template. Then select Save.

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The next time you open Microsoft Project, you can go to File → New → Personal and select the template you just created.

Ms Project How To Create Subtasks

The Microsoft Project Gantt Chart template opens with the selected start date and is ready to work in it.

If you are working on a project, it most likely involves some collaboration and interaction with other people (team members, business partners, other stakeholders). So you need to share your project or Gantt chart with them to inform and engage them or get feedback. The problem with MS Project, which is quite common, is that people can only open their files if they also have this program. So the question is how to share MS Project files with people who don’t have MS Projects?

Ms Project How To Create Subtasks

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Indeed, there is a very simple solution to this problem. You can simply use other software that will allow you to share MS Project plans and Gantt charts in minutes.

Save the project in MS Project in mpp. format. Then upload the mpp file to GanttPRO. To do this, open the GanttPRO MPP Viewer page, then drag and drop the mpp file or upload it from your computer.

Ms Project How To Create Subtasks

Another common request that MS Project users may have is to print a Microsoft Project Gantt chart. Here again you can use GanttPRO. After uploading a project with a Gantt chart in mpp format in GanttPRO, if you do not need to make any further changes, go directly to the “Export” option and select the PDF format. There you can also select the orientation, size and data from your design that will be included in the printed version.

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While it may seem easy to create a Gantt chart in Microsoft Project, it only applies to a basic Gantt chart in Microsoft Project. So, if you need more extensive and complex features, you will have to spend a lot of time looking for tutorials and trying to learn how to navigate this well-reviewed project management tool.

Ms Project How To Create Subtasks

But you probably don’t have that much time and need a quick, easy and effective solution. In that case, GanttPRO Gantt charting software may be the right option for you. Its rich and useful features such as task dependencies, assigning them to team members, resource management, critical path, milestones and more will ensure that you manage your project smoothly and efficiently. At the same time, the intuitive interface and automated processes will make creating and working with Gantt charts easy and fast.

Unlike MS Project, GanttPRO makes project and Gantt chart sharing as easy as ABC. At any stage of the project, any moment or task can be shared with anyone via a URL or printed in minutes and shared or presented on paper. You can effortlessly import or export Gantt chart and projects in various formats.

Ms Project How To Create Subtasks

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There are also many Gantt chart templates for different industries that you can use to plan and manage your project.

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Ms Project How To Create Subtasks

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Ms Project How To Create Subtasks

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Ms Project How To Create Subtasks

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Top 5 Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Software for Project Management by Paolo Kukhnavets / Estimated Reading Time: 11 MinutesMany new Microsoft Project users find it difficult to distinguish Gantt bar tasks accumulated at the summary level. If you are experiencing this, you may want to use color-coded task progress bars.

Collecting tasks at the summary level in Microsoft Project is a simple process. The challenge arises when you want to clearly distinguish one cumulative charge from another.

Ms Project How To Create Subtasks

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