Notion Daily To Do List Template

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Notion Daily To Do List Template – If you want to manage both daily tasks and large projects in Notion smoothly, this model is for you.

With a little work, Notion can be a capable task manager, and this template will do the hard work for you.

Notion Daily To Do List Template

Notion Daily To Do List Template

Quickly add tasks to your inbox, manage your day or week with today’s view and the next 7 days, add sub-tasks and recurring tasks, and even start big projects with Trello-style board views.

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New for 2022: I have just launched a new productivity model per brand called Ultimate Brain. You can still get Ultimate Tasks at the bottom of this page, but only if you wish.

Notion Daily To Do List Template

I feel like I have been playing Task Manager for years. I used Asana to manage my company with 7 people and a YouTube channel with 2 million subscribers while keeping my personal affairs in Todoist … everything was a bit scattered and I really wanted to. A central place to control everything.

I want my tasks and projects to seamlessly link to my records, my company wiki, and standard operating procedures Its (SOPs) and more.

Notion Daily To Do List Template

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Clearly, I had to move task management to the notion. And after months of experimentation and combat testing, I finally got it right with my Ultimate Tasks model for the notion.

The Ultimate Tasks template keypad gives you access to all the aspects you want from the Task Manager:

Notion Daily To Do List Template

Each of these aspects is easily accessible from the sidebar of the notion. I also add the items I use the most directly into the Favorites panel for faster access.

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You can also find charts for big projects here. This table contains powerful examples. Create a new project with it, and in it you will see a taskbar that shows all the tasks related to that project.

Notion Daily To Do List Template

Finally, in most aspects you will see a board called Daily Tasks. With this board you can easily create a daily “notebook” of tasks. Use it to write small tasks that will get done quickly or if you want to plan your entire day.

Today’s view shows all the tasks in your system that are due (or overdue) today. It’s a great place to plan your day or add new things to do today.

Notion Daily To Do List Template

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Here we take advantage of one of Notion’s most powerful database features: When you have a database view with a new task filter (new page technique) created in that view.

Because viewing today filters tasks to show only tasks that are due today or earlier, any new tasks created here will automatically have this date as their completion date. This makes today’s scene a great place to add to today’s tasks quickly without any hassle!

Notion Daily To Do List Template

When you are working on a large project, you need a central place to look at all the work related to it. That’s where the project council comes in. This board has a powerful project template. Create a new range with it and you will get a page for that project with its own worksheet.

Using Database Templates To Help Cement Your Team’s Process

I used this template to design and create the website you are currently viewing. My tag view for this project has columns like speed design, safety, etc.

Notion Daily To Do List Template

I have been using Top Task Manager for many years, so I could not change my whole life to the notion without the quality of life features I was expecting.

Like almost all of my Notion templates, this templates and project manager are 100% free and I do not need your email.

Notion Daily To Do List Template

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Notion Daily To Do List Template

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Notion Daily To Do List Template

A confirmation email has just been sent to the email address you entered. After clicking on the confirmation link in it you will be on the list! I will also send you a link to my other free samples. If you or any of your team members are using sticky notes, traditional notebooks, or Excel spreadsheets to create to-do lists, project management, you may not be as productive as you could be.

Physical lists are easily lost and can not be shared, PDF lists are confusing and spreadsheets are time consuming and do not provide features such as the ability to tag teammates in tasks that can really increase productivity and effort. Your team’s efforts. .

Notion Daily To Do List Template

Notion Template Gallery

The basic methods of creating and managing to-do list templates are missing, as are most of the one-dimensional to-do list templates that you will find on the website. We will explain why they are missing and show you how you can create a to-do list template for your team to help you achieve more.

The to-do list model is an attempt to code how you work. It’s a simple to-do list that you use for projects – complete with headers, types, processes, cores, and more. Place already – but it has not been added yet. It’s like a skeleton. You copy it and then fill in all the necessary information for each specific project you are using the template for.

Notion Daily To Do List Template

The to-do list template helps you get the project done faster. This means that you do not have to start from scratch with a blank sheet of paper and instead start working on listing, organizing and managing tasks.

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You can share these to-do sample templates with your department or company to create an effective process that everyone in the team can understand, follow immediately and use. Using templates can help existing employees and teams collaborate more smoothly, improve time management, and give new tenants direction when it comes to workflows.

Notion Daily To Do List Template

There are thousands of to-do templates available online – most of them in Google Sheets, Excel templates, Microsoft Word or printable. Free – but not worth your time.

They are very simple, and when you prepare them for your task management needs, you may have created them from scratch. They also lack features that can help improve your team collaboration, such as the ability to mention someone about an updated task so they get notifications.

Notion Daily To Do List Template

How To Organise Your Life With Notion

Most to-do templates are so general and one-dimensional that you need to use multiple solutions to fit your use case because they do not provide the customization you need. They will include basic items such as assignments, status, expiration dates, recipients and notes, but it is up to you and your team to determine if you need additional items to track your project.

Maybe you are adding new content to your company website and every new page you create is a to-do list. It will help to include page URLs accompanied by photos, images and text for each page, end date and start date, as well as checkboxes to approve the page design. That’s not something you can easily do with a to-do list created in a table where you are limited to empty squares and drop-down menus. It will require a link to all the necessary files that have been set up elsewhere and at that time you are spending a lot of time editing and editing the template you may have started from the beginning instead of downloading it from the site. .

Notion Daily To Do List Template

If you are using spreadsheets in a computer program and not online, you will need to send the updated version to your team to keep everything in order. You can easily end the chaos and look at multiple versions of the same spreadsheet, which leads to inconsistent work and inconsistencies. Since the changes are not updated for everyone in real time, you have to manually sync the versions that your team is running manually, so it is easy to make mistakes when copying tasks from one version to another.

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Having a spreadsheet in the web application makes it easier for everyone to use the same file, but still have problems.

Notion Daily To Do List Template

For example, if two people are working on a spreadsheet and one person is filtering data, it is also filtering data for another person, which interferes with their work process. One can download a copy to filter the information, but then remember to make changes to the online version and download it again to use the filter without disturbing others.

Simplicity is good, but when it comes to getting your team moving forward and collaborating, spreadsheets are just passable. That’s because it lacks the features and flexibility your team needs to be as productive as possible. In a spreadsheet, tasks are reduced to line items that define functions if the complexity of these tasks would benefit from the ability to integrate context and additional information.

Notion Daily To Do List Template

Sharing My To Do List

Suppose you have a project task listed in the table. To complete the task

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