Pastoral Support Plan Template

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Pastoral Support Plan Template – If you work with or care for children in any context, you will know the impact behavior has on the effectiveness with which children can learn and thrive. By encouraging positive behavior and setting clear expectations – along with responding safely and sensitively to any challenging behavior – you can help ensure that all children in your care have the best learning experiences.

The term “challenging behavior” or “challenging behavior” can refer to anything from low-level disruptive behavior (such as talking when a teacher is speaking) to extreme behavior that is dangerous to the person and those around them (such as physical violence) . ).

Pastoral Support Plan Template

Pastoral Support Plan Template

In this article, we will consider the benefits of behavior support programs, why and when to use them, and how to create an effective program. At the end of the article there is a downloadable template that you can use to create your own program.

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Every behavior is communication – an expression of a child’s or young person’s needs or feelings. To counter any touching behavior, we must try to opt out of what is being communicated. Often most problems can be solved by using general methods of good behavior management.

Pastoral Support Plan Template

Our challenging behavior training course is recommended for professionals who want to better understand how to respond to the behavior of the children and young people they work with. It emphasizes proactive strategies to prevent behavioral incidents as well as research-based reactive strategies (including responding to extreme behaviors) and providing support after behavioral incidents. Visit our course overview to view this and our other available courses.

However, if a student exhibits extreme behavior on a regular basis, you may want to consider using a behavior support program (also known as BSP). It is a personal strategy best suited to people whose behavior has a serious impact on themselves or others.

Pastoral Support Plan Template

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The key concept is ‘support’ – BSP must support the child to take responsibility for their behavior and make more appropriate behavioral choices (NSCE). As a result, it should include strategies to help the child do this. Behavioral support programs are used through education, health and social care to benefit people with learning, behavioral or social difficulties.

A positive behavior support program also gives the child a concrete record of the support that will be put in place for them and shows a commitment on behalf of everyone involved in their well-being.

Pastoral Support Plan Template

It is desirable to have an accessible version of the program or its main parts for the child. This may mean adjusting the language or format depending on the child’s age or needs. Recording the strategies to be used can give them an added sense of coherence.

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Everyone involved in the care of the child should be involved in creating the plan – ensuring a detailed and diverse understanding of the student. For example, a child may respond differently to triggers in different environments. It is important that the students themselves are central to the creation of the plan, and input is included from all staff who work with the student, the student’s parents or carers, and perhaps also clerical support from the SENCo or the school.

Pastoral Support Plan Template

To create an effective behavior support plan, you can apply the stages of the ‘assess, plan, do and test’ tiered approach (the approach recommended by the 2015 SEND Code of Practice to best identify and support additional needs).

In this first step, observe and record the behavior. Try to involve both the student himself and his parents or carers. Although some children may not be aware of what triggers them, some may offer insights that can be built upon.

Pastoral Support Plan Template

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If there are several behaviors of concern, identify the one of greatest concern or the one most likely to improve. It is important that you do not try to approach too many people at once.

As you analyze your estimates, try to think about what the data is telling you. You may be able to identify when the challenging behavior is likely to occur and what you can do to avoid it, and also what consequences (positive or negative) motivate the child the most.

Pastoral Support Plan Template

Try to find out the reasons behind the particular behavior – remember to talk to your SENCo if you suspect underlying SEND, or your designated Safeguarding DSL if you think there may be safety issues.

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You will need to include both proactive and reactive strategies in the program – these strategies should be adapted to the child.

Pastoral Support Plan Template

Proactive strategies are those that seek to prevent the challenging behavior from occurring in the first place. These may include:

Reactive strategies are those used after the unwanted behavior occurs. By specifying these in the plan, everyone knows in advance how to respond to the behavior. Such strategies may include:

Pastoral Support Plan Template

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The implementation phase is where you put the strategies in place. In this phase, it is also important to use general positive behavioral strategies, such as:

You should continuously monitor the success of the strategies and note any observations. Some strategies may work at certain times of the day but not at other times. Other strategies may seem successful for a while, but then you notice their effectiveness diminishing.

Pastoral Support Plan Template

It is recommended to set a date for a more formal review of the program. However, be sure to allow sufficient time as it will take time to successfully implement behavior support programs.

Pastoral Care Plan Template

During the review phase, communicate and gather feedback from all parties involved in the implementation and planning process (the student, their parents/carers, teachers, support staff, SENCo).

Pastoral Support Plan Template

If elements of the strategy aren’t working, decide whether to stick with them (and for how long before reassessing), whether to make adjustments, or whether to try a different approach. Because factors that trigger and maintain behavior change over time, you will need to continually review the plan.

Below we’ve created an editable PDF template for a behavior support plan that you can use for any child in your environment who might benefit. The sections correspond to the process described in this article.

Pastoral Support Plan Template

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Behavioral support programs are an effective school-based tool that you can use when a child exhibits challenging behavior on a regular basis. They work alongside your general good practice when it comes to behavior and describe a personalized approach. BSP allows you to observe behavior carefully, explore the reasons behind it and establish specific support strategies for an individual child. As with any condition, it is important that effectiveness is continually tested and your approach adjusted if necessary. We hope this article and the accompanying template will be useful for your practice.

Claire Watts is a learning designer with a primary focus on high speed coaching training. Claire has taught in primary schools for almost 10 years specializing in SEND, Children and Young People’s Mental Health and PSHE. She is passionate about producing content that is tailored, and truly useful, for educators. Page 2 Who should be invited to the meeting in the pastoral support plan. The exclusion and reintegration teacher in the district should be invited to attend the first meeting. www. Making Surrey a Better Place Pastoral Support Program SEE Surrey PSP Training for Children Schools Schools and Families Directorate SEE PSP Training July 2013 P What is the Pastoral Support Program The aim of the PSP Pastoral Support Program is to promote social inclusion and help to reduce the need for exclusion fixed It…

Pastoral Support Plan Template

This should ensure consistency across all schools in Surrey, whether their boundaries are in the same or neighboring areas. In many cases this is not the case. PSPs were established to address one or more aspects of what we know to be a broad pattern of exclusion of certain students on the grounds that they belong to a problem group or need special attention. Pastoral Support Plans (PSP) within the SSG should be developed by the School Management Team (SMT) with the assistance of the SSG; SMT meets regularly with a relevant school board or student referral group when establishing PSP. Students in the Student Referral Group are referred to SMT in the same way as the rest of the school community. Students in the parent referral group are referred to their school’s PSP by their teachers. These groups are based on the school’s student referral area – this must be given to SMT before PSP is established. At the start of the school year, SMT creates the school’s attendance register. This is a list of all students who have participated in at least 10% of school events for a period of 5 consecutive weeks. This enables the SMT to identify the classes they are planning. to take on a student basis. Attendance records must be kept at the school for one of the following reasons: 1) Any member of the student’s family who wishes to participate in PTA events

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