Redken Shades Eq Color Charts

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Redken Shades Eq Color Charts – It’s time to shine! From color correction to toning to brightening, Redken Shades EQ Gloss can do it all and more. No wonder it’s the go-to product for celebrities like Tracey Cunningham. She has worn Redken’s hair gloss shades for many celebrity magazine covers, red carpet and A-list award ceremony looks.

Adding Shades EQ to your product range is the perfect way to give your clients the VIP treatment, and here are the answers to all your questions about this iconic hair gloss. Read below to see why it’s the perfect way to give your customers the latest trends they’ve been asking for.

Redken Shades Eq Color Charts

Redken Shades Eq Color Charts

Shades EQ is the first iconic demi-permanent liquid gloss. Formulated with wheat amino acids, Shades EQ’s acidic formula helps produce a mirror-like shine. Contains no ammonia and can brighten, refresh, tone and repair without lifting in 20 minutes. On top of that, it is very easy to mix and use, giving results.

Na (9na) Mist Redken Shades Eq Demi Permanent Equalizing Conditioning Color Gloss, Ammonia Free

Shades EQ is so much more than your normal hair color. Instead, it’s a hair color that thinks it’s a conditioner! Shades EQ is an acid demi-permanent coloration made with a combination of oxidative and direct dyes. This means that it offers a moisturizing effect that provides exceptional condition and shine benefits that your clients will love.

Redken Shades Eq Color Charts

The Shades EQ writing system has two parts: numbers and then letters. The numbers indicate the color deposit levels of the Shades EQ glosses, starting with the number zero, as they do not enhance the hair’s natural pigment. The letters indicate the shade family the shade belongs to, for example, V for ‘Violet’ and NB for ‘Neutral Blonde/Brown’.

Perfect for creating stunning Insta-ready blondes and brunettes, Shades EQ offers so much more than your regular toner. In addition to using it as a custom toner or clear gloss, its versatile nature can be used to refresh any color, correct unwanted tones, and add natural balance without lifting and a long-lasting, mirror-like shine!

Redken Shades Eq Color Charts

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When you use Shades EQ Crystal Clear, you can give both colored and natural hair that ultimate boost of shine. This makes it a good add-on service for clients who focus on cutting and styling services.

Crystal Clear gloss will give your clients the texture and shine of using Shades EQ, without sacrificing color.

Redken Shades Eq Color Charts

Shades EQ is the best choice for consumers who aren’t ready to accept their first sign of gray but don’t want the big commitment that comes with tinting. Its formula can blend up to 50% gray hair, with our first choice being the NB family for the best results.

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The reason why Shades EQ can look dark is because of its new formula with a combination of direct and oxidative tints. If you or your clients have ever been concerned about the formula darkening, one thing we must tell you is to trust the process. Always let it work its magic for 20 minutes and you will see amazing results in no time.

Redken Shades Eq Color Charts

Shades EQ offers two dedicated editors designed to help you create your desired color scheme. Both Shades EQ Processing Solution and Shades EQ Gel Gloss Processing Solution are made with 2% hydrogen peroxide. The unique formulas will help maintain an acidic pH and moderate viscosity.

The Shades EQ processing solution is a fluid format developer. This developer is the perfect choice for toning and lightening along with a variety of color balancing, refreshing, and blending techniques.

Redken Shades Eq Color Charts

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Shades EQ Gel-Glow Processing Solution is a unique formula that transforms Redken’s iconic fluid gloss into a thick gel perfect for precision techniques like highlighting, contouring and defining.

Shades EQ is the perfect tool for color conversion and correction. Use it to darken red hair or correct unwanted tones. It can even help you pre-fill hair if you want to darken the tone, add brighter tones, or add dimension to your natural color. There is a wide palette of warm and cool tones to choose from that work with or enhance undertones.

Redken Shades Eq Color Charts

Our unique approach to hair coloring techniques includes following the Redken Color Mantra. Zoned application of color ensures maximum results and minimizes hair stress!

Redken Shades Eq Color Gloss 06gg

ZONE 1: Apply permanent or alkaline color, such as Color Gels Lacquers, to the growth or root zone, approximately the first ½ inch of the hair.

Redken Shades Eq Color Charts

ZONE 3: Apply acid color to the most porous hair beyond the shoulders (not all hair is Zone 3)

Refreshing Color in Zones 2 + 3 with Acid Hair Color maintains the integrity of the hair without affecting the color or condition of your client’s hair.

Redken Shades Eq Color Charts

Redken Seq Shade Chart 1 Pdf

Here are our top tips on how you can get the most out of the Shades EQ range of hair glosses.

Shades EQ may appear dark when grown because Shades EQ’s formula is made from a mix of direct and oxidative dyes. This means that you can usually see the pigmented color right away. This is a direct effect, so even if the color seems too dark, trust the process and let Shades EQ adjust for a full 20 minutes. You can always add a bit of Crystal Clear to the formula to smooth out the tone and deposit.

Redken Shades Eq Color Charts

Shades EQ should always be used for dry hair. If there is any kind of moisture in the hair, you can reduce the power of the conditioner. This will cause you to get a weak color result or the color will not be stable for a long time. Watch the video below to see why using Shades EQ on dry hair will help you achieve the best color results.

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For best results with Shades EQ, color should be developed for the full 20 minutes. This allows the oxidative dye to work and ensures that the color lasts longer.

Redken Shades Eq Color Charts

  • Acid, liquid demi-permanent toner with built-in bonder technology to sensitize and strengthen hair in step 1
  • Helps repair and protect damaged strands after any lightening service
  • Contains citric acid and taurine to help reduce damage and alkalinity for the perfect color result
  • Provides incredible shine and condition with a true-to-tone effect
  • Exclusive manufacturer of Shades EQ
  • 2% hydrogen peroxide specially formulated to maintain acidic pH.
  • No rise
  • Suitable for use
  • >

Redken Shades Eq Color Charts

Redken Shades Eq Gloss Demi Permanent Color Hair Toner 2 Oz

  • Shades EQ’s unique formula
  • Transforms Shades EQ’s iconic fluid shine into a versatile gel
  • 2% hydrogen peroxide specially formulated to maintain an acidic pH .
  • li> Perfect for lowlights, contouring and defining.
  • No lifting

Shop all the hair and beauty essentials for your salon or self-service business at Salon Services, and keep up to date on our Beauty By You page for more information. Play, create and sound with Shades EQ. Our exclusive toners will help you achieve lighter, brighter, better blonde tones. From cool tones and light purples to golden beige and pink, all shades of blonde are possible with Shades EQ.

Redken Shades Eq Color Charts

“Hair Toning lets your true artistry shine! Correcting the final tone of your guest’s hair is what can set you apart.” -Jamie Sea @PrettyLittleOmbre

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Create unique and custom shades for each client, always with Shades EQ! Keep your tool kit stocked with these brilliant items.

Redken Shades Eq Color Charts

Volet Rose: Malva Maven Brown > Mushroom Balayage > Honey Ash Blonde > Golden Ice Ash Blonde > Cool Ash Blonde > Silver Ash Blonde > Multi-Platinum Pastel Blonde > Touch Of Pink >

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Redken Shades Eq Color Charts

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Redken Shades Eq Color Charts

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