Retirement Speech

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Retirement Speech

Retirement Speech

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Daniel Alfredsson’s Retirement Speech

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Retirement Speech

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Retirement Speech

Retirement Speech Tips

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Retirement Speech

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Carli Lloyd’s Us Soccer Retirement Speech

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Retirement Speech

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Retirement Speech

Serena Williams Sheds ‘tears Of Joy’ In Retirement Speech, Leaves Door Open For Return

Retirement speech at the special meeting of the Executive Board of Appeal, Tuesday, May 15, 2012, Mr. Hos. Justice Garry Downes AM President of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Chief Justice, judge, colleague and friend. Thank you, Mr. Gageler, Mr. Catanzariti and Mr. Coles for your kind, if appreciated, comments. It is an added pleasure for me to meet you here today because I know each of you very well. I want to thank everyone here for coming this morning. In particular I must mention Chief Justice Keane, Chief Justice Bathurst, President Allsop, Chief Federal Magistrate Pascoe, Judge Preston, my colleagues from the Federal Court, Judges of Appeal and the Supreme Court, Federal Court Magistrates and Judges. from the district court. I especially want to thank Chief Justice Keane and the judges of the Federal Court for allowing the Court of Administrative Appeals to use this beautiful court. Those who have given me the honor of coming today have covered almost my entire life. I have to mention Dennis Scott from Dawson Waldron Edwards and Nicholls (as I still think) who went to Mosman prep school with me. Paul Menzies QC was at Newington College with me. My friend Justice Emmett and former Attorney General Philip Ruddock were with me in the Faculty of Law at the University of Sydney. John Harris and Hugh King were also there. There are still many colleagues here from 35 years of practice and 10 years on the bench. have…

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Retirement Speech

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The Best Farewell Speech For Students By Teacher

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Retirement Speech

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Retirement Speech

Eli Manning Retirement Speech: Eli Thanks Fans, Teammates, And Coaches

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Retirement Speech

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Zdeno Chara’s Retirement Speech

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Retirement Speech

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Retirement Speech

Farewell Speech For Boss Retirement/transfer In English 2023

One way to say goodbye is through a farewell speech. Although a farewell speech is not required, it is a good way and gesture to show appreciation and gratitude to those who have departed or to those you will leave behind.

Starting to write a speech can be difficult, but a farewell speech can be easier because the content of your speech can.

Retirement Speech

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