Sample Project Plan Templates

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Sample Project Plan Templates – Get a project plan template for Word or download it at . This is the best way to organize a project online.

Download this free project plan template for Word to map out your work and break it down into manageable components; then plan and define the tasks needed to complete the project.

Sample Project Plan Templates

Sample Project Plan Templates

You can also use this project management plan template to manage your workload and tasks as things change. The project plan is the foundation of the work you do to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

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Once everything is sorted in the Word document, open the free project plan template. It allows you to create dynamic project plans that can be managed in five different project views: Gantt chart, task list, kanban board, calendar and spreadsheet. Plus, your team can collaborate on a project in real-time and monitor progress with dashboards and instant status reports. Get started for free and create a better project plan.

Sample Project Plan Templates

A project plan template is a document that collects all the guidelines and procedures that a project management team needs to execute a project. Project plan templates allow project managers to save time during the project planning phase and also help avoid mistakes.

Project planning begins with a detailed project plan document. Follow these planning steps to ensure that your project plan covers all aspects of the project. This means you’re less likely to run into surprises.

Sample Project Plan Templates

How To Create Simple, Powerful Project Plans

Start with the scope of the project. What are the activities and tasks defined in your project that need to be completed for the project to be successful? Use the project charter as a springboard. You can also use a work breakdown structure to identify all the activities, tasks, deliverables, and milestones for your project.

Based on your project charter or work breakdown structure, note your project’s milestones or milestones or milestones and compile them into a chart with three columns for milestones, descriptions, and delivery dates. Examples of guidelines include a business case for appointing a project team or establishing a project management office.

Sample Project Plan Templates

The next step is to define project phases, which are defined as a set of activities such as project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closure. This should also be marked on the diagram with a description and sequence of the phases.

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You should also list the tasks required to complete the project. There are many project tasks such as creating quality plans, forming supplier contracts and closing projects. Write on a chart listing the steps, activities, descriptions and sequence.

Sample Project Plan Templates

This determines the effort required to perform the above tasks. List the tasks with the time you think it will take to complete them. Then it goes with resources, so you want to take a task and assign a resource or team member to it. This is the person responsible for doing the work.

You are now ready to create a project schedule from the summary above. Use milestones and activities to create a Gantt chart to easily visualize project timelines, work required, and duration.

Sample Project Plan Templates

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You want to add dependencies or tasks that are linked to others and can block team members if they are not completed in a timely and consistent manner. There are actually four types of task dependencies: finish-to-start, finish-to-finish, start-to-start, and start-to-finish. List the main dependencies in a diagram with the activities, what they depend on, and the type of dependencies.

List all project assumptions. Then note the limitations of the project. Finally, you want to add supporting documents such as project schedule, business case, feasibility study, project charter, etc. in the appendix.

Sample Project Plan Templates

The project budget is one of the most important components of the project plan. This is because the project budget determines how much money can be allocated to your project. Therefore, you should be very careful when creating your own.

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First, collect the project tasks, determine the resources for each, and finally estimate the costs. Once you have the costs for each project task, you can add them up to get a project cost value. These values ​​will be the cost base and the basis of your project budget.

Sample Project Plan Templates

Every project plan needs a risk management section. Our project plan template includes a risk log, so you can show potential risks that could affect your project plan. From there, you can create a risk mitigation strategy and identify risk owners.

Every project plan must be modified during the execution phase for several reasons. For example, new project requirements may arise and change the original plan. As a project manager, you need to monitor how changes are made to your project. A change management log helps you track changes to the project plan.

Sample Project Plan Templates

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Each project management plan is unique and its components may vary depending on the requirements of your project. These are the most commonly used documents:

Now that you’ve downloaded our free project plan template, you’re ready to successfully complete your project! The project plan is very important because it is the main project planning document from which your project is formally managed.

Sample Project Plan Templates

The project plan consists of the objectives, activities, tasks and resources required to complete the project as specified in the project business document and project charter. You want to have information about project milestones, schedule of activities, tasks and duration, dependencies, resources, time, etc. Then list the assumptions and constraints of the project planning process.

Project Planning Template

When creating a project management plan, do the following: capture the project scope, set guidelines and tasks, estimate costs, estimate the required effort, allocate resources, create a schedule, list dependencies and documents for approval. Your project management plan template should include components such as a scope management plan, a cost management plan, and a schedule management plan, among others.

Sample Project Plan Templates

While the business case from earlier in the project planning process may provide an overview of the project, the project plan is more complete once the project scope and charter have been finalized and the team hired. Even if you write a project plan during the planning phase of the project, don’t keep it in a drawer after it’s finished. This project plan template should be considered a living document that will be reviewed and submitted throughout the life cycle of the project. This is because the project management plan is the blueprint that project managers use during the execution phase when they need information about the project’s schedule, costs, scope, and budget.

Once the document is complete, it’s time to create a dynamic project plan and schedule. Project planning software can help you transfer project plans to a Gantt chart to create timelines, work schedules, design milestones, add documents, and track progress. Then share the plan with your team, who can use different views of the project, such as task lists, sheets, calendars, and kanban boards.

Sample Project Plan Templates

Scrum Project Management Template

The project management life cycle consists of five phases: initiation phase, planning phase, execution phase, monitoring phase and closure. Planning takes place after the project has started but before it is executed.

For example, during the initiation phase, many documents are created to develop the project plan, such as a feasibility study, to identify the problem to be solved, the scope of the project, and the desired results. This feeds into a business case that compares the costs and benefits. A Statement of Work (SOW) addresses the project’s goals, objectives, scope, and deliverables.

Sample Project Plan Templates

This is not a project plan, but it provides a framework for creating your own plan. This is when you take the broad steps of the initiation phase and break them down into smaller, manageable tasks. Each of these tasks must be completed within the project period.

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It is important to note that the project manager is tasked with creating the project plan, but the work is not done independently. Project managers need to work in-congress with teams, experts, and others who can provide insight and guidance in creating a realistic project management plan.

Sample Project Plan Templates

Teams are assembled based on their skills and experience working on the project, so you need an idea of ​​how to plan the project. Of course, the team will have access to the project plan during the execution phase of the project. They will be committed and responsible for delivering on time and within budget.

Other people who will use the project plan are stakeholders and managers or anyone who has an interest in the success of the project. The project manager will monitor the team throughout the project life cycle to keep them on track and ensure that actual progress is in line with the project plan.

Sample Project Plan Templates

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Our website has a number of free project management templates for Word and Excel. Some

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