Sue University For Breach Of Contract

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Sue University For Breach Of Contract – A contract is a legally binding agreement to operate or provide a product or service in order to receive something else (usually money) in return. If either party does not keep their promise, they have breached the contract. This means that when a school does not deliver on its promises regarding education, and you have paid tuition fees for educational services provided by the school, you may have a breach of contract case.

Private schools and universities can always be sued for breach of contract, as can some public universities. Although public schools have what is known as “sovereign immunity,” meaning they cannot be prosecuted, most states have waived this immunity in some circumstances to allow students and parents to bring certain legal actions against public universities.

Sue University For Breach Of Contract

Sue University For Breach Of Contract

If you are a student or the parent of a student who is unhappy with your school, it may be time to talk to an attorney. You may think that the school has breached its contract by not delivering what it promised, which could be grounds for a breach of contract lawsuit. However, it is important to know that you cannot sue just because you are angry and disappointed with the education you received. There must be evidence that the school has breached the agreement before legal action can be taken.

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In some cases, you can sue your school for lying, especially if it convinced you to enroll by lying about the nature of the education provided or other relevant information. This type of lying is called fraud, and you may receive compensation for financial losses caused by your reliance on school lies.

Sue University For Breach Of Contract

To file a formal complaint against a public primary or secondary school, you should contact your local school district and state department of education if necessary. If you wish to file a complaint against a post-secondary institution, you can contact your state’s department of higher education for assistance in filing a complaint. You can also file a complaint with the US Department of Education about issues related to financial aid, fraud, misuse of federal funds, special education, and civil rights.

If you wish to sue the school, it is important to work with an education attorney who has experience suing schools. Because suing schools is complex, you’ll need an attorney who understands how sovereign immunity works in your state and is aware of all the administrative remedies you should follow before filing a lawsuit. It is unlikely that you will be able to decide whether you can sue the school without consulting a knowledgeable education attorney, so if you are considering taking an action for breach of contract against the school, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Sue University For Breach Of Contract

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Do you have any questions? Order a free consultation. hello@or (619) 323-3200 Read More Can I Sue for School Negligence? Can You Sue School for Emotional Distress? How Do I Sue an Educational Institution? Is Not Following the IEP Against the Law? About & Lawyers for RMO

RMO LLP serves clients in San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Orange County, and communities throughout California. Our founder, Scott E. Rahn was named a “Top 100 – Trusts & Estates Litigation” by SuperLawyers, Trusts & Estates Litigator of the Year, and Best Lawyers in America for Litigation – Trusts & Estates. For a free consultation, call (424) 320-9444 or visit: – Liberty University, one of the largest Christian universities in the country, is suing former President Jerry Falwell Jr. for $10 million, alleging breach of contract and conspiracy to mislead the university board.

Sue University For Breach Of Contract

Falwell, son of Liberty founder, late Rev. Jerry Falwell Sr., became president of Liberty in August 2020 after years of controversy over his support for Donald Trump and allegations of misconduct.

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The complaint in the suit, filed in county court in Lynchburg, Virginia, alleges that Falwell “devised a fraudulent scheme to manipulate the Liberty Executive Committee” in negotiating his final contract.

Sue University For Breach Of Contract

The complaint also stated that Falwell created the so-called “Grand Scheme” to hide his family connection to Giancarlo Granda, a young man the couple had met while vacationing in Florida. Granda claims that he had a long-term sexual relationship with Jerry Falwell Jr. and with his wife, Becki Falwell. The Falwells dispute the claim but admit that Becki is related to Grandpa. The couple also bought a Miami Beach youth hostel in 2013 that Granda ran in which he also owns shares.

The complaint claims that Falwell devised a plan to hide the relationship, fearing that Granda would make it public, and that Grandpa demanded payment from Falwell to keep racist photos of Becki Falwell out of the public eye. .

Sue University For Breach Of Contract

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“Most damagingly, Falwell Jr. knew that Grandpa would be able to provide details about the facts of his relationship with Becki, its duration, the role Falwell Jr. promoted it, the circumstances of the relationship, and specific activities on the pitch. Granda, Falwell Jr. and Becki were involved with him throughout the relationship .”

Instead of telling the council about Granda, Falwell hid her from the Liberty council, according to the complaint. Falwell also fears that his high support for Trump will backfire and could cost him his job.

Sue University For Breach Of Contract

The complaint alleges that Falwell had a fiduciary duty to refrain from acting “harmful to the university” but failed to do so. In particular, the complaint highlighted concealing a relationship with Grandpa while he was negotiating a new contract as being harmful to the school.

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Then, in 2019, he negotiated a new employment agreement with the board, including a pay increase and a more favorable severance pay if he was fired. The complaint alleged that Falwell kept his involvement with Grandfather concealed while trying to create a “safety net” for himself.

Sue University For Breach Of Contract

“If the Liberty Executive Committee finds out in 2018 or 2019 that Granda is trying to blackmail Falwell Jr., and therefore intends to harm Liberty, and if the Executive Committee becomes aware of the full circumstances of Granda’s blackmail of Falwell Jr., then the Executive Committee will refrain from entering into the Agreement Work 2019,” the complaint alleged.

Falwell’s actions run counter to the school’s moral code, known as the “Way of Freedom” – which requires faculty and administration to agree to statements of faith and abide by “biblical moral standards”, including strict rules limiting gender for heterosexual marriage. .

Sue University For Breach Of Contract

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The school’s president is expected to be the “leading spiritual leader of the college,” according to the complaint.

Said Falwell Jr. told the Religious News Service that the lawsuit was filled with “lies and half-truths” and was an attempt to discredit it.

Sue University For Breach Of Contract

“The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of Liberty University has made another attempt to defame me and discredit my record, following a series of violent and unnecessary actions against my children, Becki, and myself,” he said in a text message. “During my years at the University, where we built a multi-billion dollar company that reached out to Christians around the world, I have always adhered to the requirements that apply to all University staff. This lawsuit is full of lies and half-truths, and I assure you that I will defend myself against it with conviction.”

Sovereign Immunity & Public University Employment Contracts — Sturgill Turner

Dustin Wahl, a Liberty graduate and co-founder of Save71, who describes himself as “a group of alumni and students advocating reform at Liberty,” said Liberty’s board of trustees had long ignored Falwell’s concerns.

Sue University For Breach Of Contract

“To this day, the board of trustees has not apologized to Liberty students for allowing Falwell to abuse his powers as president,” he told Religion News Service. “They ignored warnings about Falwell’s behavior for years, but he chose to ignore them.”

“That they are now making these allegations and admissions in a lawsuit and not in a sincere apology to the Liberty student body reveals their misguided priorities,” he added.

Sue University For Breach Of Contract

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The complaint also alleged that Falwell “consistently refused” to use his official Liberty email address for the school’s business, while also asking the school to provide him with computers, phones, laptops, and other devices, he claims he refused to return. Liberty claimed in its complaint that the device contained classified material belonging to the school and demanded that Falwell not destroy the information.

The suit seeks $10 million in damages and the return of all Liberty property still owned by Falwell Jr.

Sue University For Breach Of Contract

“While I am grateful that Liberty took more concrete steps to separate from Falwell, the suit was unbeknownst to the board that has supported her and granted her a waiver,” said former Liberty English teacher Marybeth Davis Baggett. “Even as they criticize Falwell for his failures as a spiritual leader, they highlight their own repeated failures to rein in his corruption. My hope is that this lawsuit underscores the need for genuine repentance, deep regret, and sweeping reforms at Liberty.”

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He became president of Liberty in 2007, following the death of his father, and built it into an evangelical powerhouse. As of June 2007, at the end of Liberty’s fiscal year, the school had approximately $300 million in annual revenues and $149 million in net assets. In 2018, the school has more revenue

Sue University For Breach Of Contract

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