Writing Smart Goals For Students

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Writing Smart Goals For Students – SMART in Smart Goals stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Based. To be a SMART goal, a goal must meet all five of these criteria. See our Smart Goals guide for more details on what these mean.

As you review the examples below, notice how each outlines the actions and timelines that must be performed to achieve the overall goal. Each goal can be broken down into specific sub-goals, making them more measurable and attainable to achieve the overall goal.

Writing Smart Goals For Students

Writing Smart Goals For Students

If this is your first time implementing Smart Goals, here are some tips on how to get started.

The Language Of Smart Goals: 5 Ways To Fix Your Bad Goal Setting Habits

If the team doesn’t have a shared understanding of what smart goals are, it can certainly lead to disaster in terms of setting specific and measurable goals. Organize training, hold meetings, send emails – whatever it takes – to make everyone aware of all the standards of Smart Goals.

Writing Smart Goals For Students

Disclosing your organization’s goals can be a powerful tool for achieving alignment in your corporate goal-setting process. By understanding the goals of leaders and colleagues, employees gain a deeper understanding of where they are in the process. See our how-to guide on how to use goal templates.

For the entire team to use Smart Goals effectively, it is important to have a system that encourages regular review and feedback on Goals. It is often helpful for the leadership team to submit an initial Smart Goals Plan that includes a calendar of events indicating when the goals will be reviewed, finalized, adjusted, and ultimately evaluated.

Writing Smart Goals For Students

How To Write Smart Goals: 35 Examples + Template [pdf]

Do you want your organization to set smart goals that are very safe and achievable, or do you want them to achieve them with flexible goals? By establishing clear expectations of what success looks like within an organization, leaders can actively encourage people to achieve ambitious goals. For example, a clear message “We want you to achieve 70% of your goals, this is what success looks like”. Achieving 100% of your goals is a failure and means you set the bar too low. This is a very powerful message.

Every organization has slightly different work traditions and cultures. Therefore, the goal setting process can be set up and executed very differently and still be effective. Involve the entire team by conducting an internal survey of the process.

Writing Smart Goals For Students

Let your team quickly and easily set up SMART goals and create them using pinned notes and templates all on the same page. The start of the school year, calendar year, or semester is a great time to teach students about SMART goals. There’s a lot of correlation between a growth mindset and SMART goals, so I like to tie the two together. Here’s how I create SMART goals with my students.

How To Write A Smart Goal (video)

No matter how much your students know about the growth mindset, there will always be some students who focus on other children’s natural abilities. “Joe doesn’t even practice and is really good at football.” Angelica gets an A on every test. He is very smart. “Before learning how to set and achieve SMART goals, it is important to ensure that each student identifies their strengths and weaknesses (“challenges”). Make sure students consider more than just academic strengths and weaknesses. Music, sports, arts , acting/drama, getting along with others… there are many non-academic areas that students can consider.

Writing Smart Goals For Students

A growth mindset and the work of Carol Dweck are all the rage right now, and for good reason. In order for students to focus on setting SMART goals and achieving them, they need to understand that when they invest time and strategies to get better at something, they can improve. There is little point in setting SMART goals if students’ achievement mindsets are stable. Therefore, it is worth spending time discussing and comparing growth and fixed mindsets. I like to give real life scenarios and have students describe them as “progress” or “fixed” as a way of practicing this skill. You can check out our article on growth mindset here.

All right. So do your students have an evolutionary mindset? perfect! It’s time to move on to SMART goals.

Writing Smart Goals For Students

S.m.a.r.t Goals For The Smart Engineer

Explain each letter of the abbreviation SMART and what it means. It is important for students not to oversimplify words (this is a great opportunity to develop meaningful vocabulary). Here are the definitions I use for each letter. You can create a large link chart/poster or get it here.

Specific – Specific means that your goals are detailed and precise. It can answer who, what, where, when, why and which questions.

Writing Smart Goals For Students

Measurable – Measurable means you can track your progress and know exactly when you will reach your goals. It usually includes numbers.

Smart Goals Template For High School Students

Achievable – Achievable means your goal is reasonable. It’s either completely inaccessible or not very easy for you.

Writing Smart Goals For Students

Relevant – Relevant means your goal is worthwhile. Something very important to you right now.

On time – On time means that your goal will be achieved within a certain time frame, such as two weeks, three months, or a year.

Writing Smart Goals For Students

Goal Setting: Empower Students To Own Their Learning

I listed SMART goals and “normal” goals, shuffled them up, and asked students to categorize them as SMART or non-SMART. It is important that students are able to explain what makes a goal SMART or what does not make it SMART. Here are a few examples, but you can of course develop your own to suit the needs of the classroom.

I wish I could be a better writer and write really good stories. – It is not SMART because it is not specific or measurable.

Writing Smart Goals For Students

My goal is to compete in the Olympics next year. – Not SMART because it is unattainable (realistic).

Goal Setting For Kids

I want to get a yellow belt in karate by the end of next summer. – SMART goals (meets all 5 SMART criteria)

Writing Smart Goals For Students

My goal is to finish this 5-part book by the end of December. – SMART goals (meets all 5 SMART criteria)

Students will still need to create their own SMART goals, so be prepared to share lots of possible examples with them. Some students will need to “borrow” the SMART goals you have in mind for them. no problem. It takes months, sometimes years, for people to set real SMART goals and achieve them. It is important that the goals are relevant to the students. If your student is getting an A on every assignment, try guiding the student toward a non-academic goal. Make sure the goals are challenging but realistic for students. Remind students that some SMART goals are small and that when one goal is achieved, another goal can be set.

Writing Smart Goals For Students

Smart Goals In A Mind Map

Your students can work towards setting and achieving SMART goals throughout the year. I like to have my students reflect on their goals at the end of their goal-setting time. It’s okay if students don’t reach the goals they set—setting goals, working toward them, and thinking about it will help your students understand the process.

I’ve created a set of supporting documents for the SMART goals to make it easy to follow each step in the process. You can get that package here! I share goal-setting ideas and resources with elementary school students. All students should be explicitly taught how to select, set and reflect on goals.

Writing Smart Goals For Students

Student goal setting and reflection are regular exercises in my developmentally oriented classrooms. Planning ahead, achieving and reflecting on goals makes new challenges more attainable, as students know full well that their continued efforts will lead to success.

Smart Goals Templates & Worksheets [word, Pdf, Excel]

Goals come in many forms; it can be purely academic, social or purposeful, or even character building. All students should be explicitly taught how to select, set and reflect on goals. It’s not an instinctive skill, even for most adults.

Writing Smart Goals For Students

Even our youngest students can clearly understand that goals are the weak areas where we need to strengthen and celebrate improvement!

Performance Goals: Goals that focus on demonstrating tasks, content knowledge, skills, or abilities, usually how acquired skills or tasks are evaluated in comparison to other skills or tasks

Writing Smart Goals For Students

Goal Setting & Data Portfolios

Learning Objectives: Focus on objectives for general learning, specifically how mastery of a skill or concept will improve understanding and ability for subsequent learning and challenges

Students who set learning goals focus on true mastery; a deep understanding in which students can draw conclusions, connect ideas, and relate to new skills and concepts. Learning-centered goals help students develop the courage and commitment to learn over time rather than performance goals, which are more about demonstrating intelligence or ability in isolated tasks.

Writing Smart Goals For Students

Research tells us that while both types of goals contribute to student success in school, learning goals

Reflecting On Our Weekly Smart Goals

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