Free To Do List Template For Word

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Free To Do List Template For Word – In this article, we’ve compiled the most comprehensive list of downloadable tasks and checklist templates to keep your personal and professional efforts on track.

Included on this page, you will find a variety of free templates in Word, Excel, and PDF formats, such as a weekly to-do list template, project task template, event to-do list template, etc.

Free To Do List Template For Word

Free To Do List Template For Word

Use this template to keep your team organized and reduce wasted time in status meetings. Create a centralized view of the responsibilities of all team members across multiple projects.

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We also include pre-built templates from , a task execution platform that allows you to better manage checklists and deadlines with real-time collaboration and project visibility.

Free To Do List Template For Word

Get a visual picture of your scheduled tasks with this Gantt chart template. Often used in project management, a Gantt chart shows the duration of each task as a horizontal bar with start and end dates. Thus, it is easy to see the different phases of a project, identify dependencies, and prioritize tasks. A Gantt chart can be useful for managing any task list that spans a period of time.

Check out these helpful resources including templates, tips, and best practices to empower your teams to be more effective.

Free To Do List Template For Word

Free Contact List Templates

This task tracking template documents the progress of each item on your list, so you can easily check the status of individual tasks or an entire project. There is space to list start and end dates, and also to mark completed tasks. This template simplifies things by providing only the essential information to follow, but also has room for notes if you need to include more details or instructions.

This template is designed for project management, and can be used in a business or personal setting. The template provides sections for project tasks, priorities, deadlines, assignees, and deliverables, and allows you to track project costs and compare estimated to actual hours. This is a detailed template that can be easily modified to fit the exact needs of your project.

Free To Do List Template For Word

This weekly to-do list schedule includes columns to assign a category to each item, as well as due dates and completion status. The default weekly calendar is from Sunday to Saturday, but you can also choose the start date of the week. If you need a combined calendar and task list, this template offers an easy solution.

Free, Custom Downloadable Checklist Templates

You can use this daily to-do list template to plan tasks throughout the day while planning ahead throughout the week. Select the start time for each day, as well as the start date for your weekly calendar view. You can also adjust the time interval of each task, which allows you to break each hour into additional tasks, if necessary.

Free To Do List Template For Word

This simple to-do list template includes drop-down menus to show the priority and status of each item. When a highlighted task is completed, the row changes color; This allows you to easily find which tasks are still in progress or which have not yet been started. This task template can be used for many applications, from organizing chores around the house to planning an event or tracking work projects.

This template is a step up from a basic to-do list, as it allows you to rank your tasks with the highest priority items first. There is also a section for notes where you can explain your work or add reminders. This template offers a simple way to stay organized while making sure you don’t overlook high-priority tasks.

Free To Do List Template For Word

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Use this 12-month calendar for a high-level view of your schedule and upcoming tasks. The template has a standard January to December calendar, so you can see your long-term projects and tasks at a glance.

This task checklist provides a basic outline and check boxes for each item on your to-do list. It also has sections to note the due date and status of each task to help with planning. After downloading this template, save a blank version so you have a master copy ready to print and use any time you need to create a new task checklist.

Free To Do List Template For Word

Use this task analysis model to determine the resources and time required to successfully complete a given task. The model includes sections to describe the steps involved in a task, the resources (human, mechanical, or monetary) required for each step, and the time allocated to each item. It provides a detailed analysis of a task, which can be useful for training or for any situation where you need to check a process.

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Help your team stay organized and on task with this action item list for Word. The template includes a tracking number for each action item, a start date and deadline, an assigned owner for each task, and a notes section for adding updates or resolving issues. By defining and scheduling tasks as actionable, you can track individual and team progress – and in the process, create a useful communication tool for all team members.

Free To Do List Template For Word

This template is designed to help you keep track of all your different account passwords. List each account, and fill in the columns for the website URL, email address, username and password, security questions and answers, and any additional notes. Save the form to your computer or print a hard copy — remember, to keep the information in a safe place and not to share your password with anyone.

This template will help you stay organized when planning an event, such as a dinner party, baby shower or wedding, wedding, or birthday party. Simply list each task with the person responsible for it, and assign a priority level to the task so that you and your team can prioritize the many moving pieces. Also, note the deadline and end date – any difference between the two dates will help you plan the timeline for your next event better.

Free To Do List Template For Word

Online Editable Checklist Templates

This template, available in Word and PDF, is ideal for families who want a central resource for organizing family work. The template provides separate tables for each family member to list individual tasks, and then records due dates and grades, as well as a column to mark completion. Of course, you can add or remove tables as needed.

This chore list template allows you to create a weekly schedule for all household chores. Make a to-do list and assign each item to someone for any day of the week. With a simple format, this template is easy to use, so you can streamline the planning process and start organizing your home. Additionally, you always have the option to save the template as a PDF and print a copy to share with others.

Free To Do List Template For Word

In the construction industry, a punch list is a document you fill out at the end of a project. In it, the contractor or property owner lists any work that was done incorrectly or did not meet the specifications set forth in the original contract. The construction team then uses this punch list as a reference to complete or fix work items before the project is officially closed. This punch list form provides a separate chart to list each work item that needs repair or attention. Save the PDF form, print it, and fill it out by hand for easy use.

Printable To Do List Choices

Use this checklist to make sure you’ve completed all the necessary tasks on a project. This template was designed with construction projects in mind, but you can change the categories to reflect the needs of any multidimensional project, whether it’s related to construction, real estate, or business – or even as a termination checklist when you terminate an association, agreement, or employment arrangement. Simply list each task, the amount required (if applicable), specific requirements, and any notes. This easy-to-use form serves as a final check so you don’t forget any requirements as you prepare to officially close a project.

Free To Do List Template For Word

Before starting a project, you should do a risk assessment. While you cannot control or prevent all possible risks, taking the time to assess possible threats to your project can help you plan and mitigate some of the risks. This matrix allows you to perform a qualitative risk assessment, measure probability, and predict how each will affect your project budget, scope, and timeline. The template also provides space to list the trigger events for each risk, designate a responder, and make notes for the response plan.

This simple form allows you to list contact details for each client or customer. This list includes columns for companies; your contact name, title, email, and phone number; and any comments. You can edit or delete the columns as needed, and highlight or mark certain customers you need to follow.

Free To Do List Template For Word

Free Download Team Task List Template Excel

Use this template to track inventory or equipment you need or have recently purchased for a project. List each item’s number and name, followed by a description, purchase date, price, and other notes. In addition, you can track the initial cost, loan details, and depreciation amount for each piece of equipment in your inventory.

This model is designed for human resources to ensure this

Free To Do List Template For Word

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