How To Calculate Rent Increase Percentage

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How To Calculate Rent Increase Percentage – Whether to increase the rent of tenants is a question that many landlords are asking. If you have a good tenant, you may be tempted to keep them happy by not raising the rent. But if insurance premiums, taxes and utilities go up, higher costs can hurt your bottom line. But if your rental market heats up, you may not get what you could for your property.

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How To Calculate Rent Increase Percentage

How To Calculate Rent Increase Percentage

According to the Consumer Group’s 2019 Housing Trends Report, 78% of renters experienced a rent increase in 2019 and 55% said their decision to move was directly related to the rent increase. As a landlord, you can decide to increase the rent if:

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How To Calculate Rent Increase Percentage

Depending on local laws, landlords may increase the rent before renewing the lease. A rental agreement sets a fixed rental price for a specific period of time (ie six months or a year). Usually the rental price will not increase or decrease during this period, even if the property changes ownership.

For tenants who are part of the Housing Choice Voucher Program, or Section 8, the rent increase is usually only one year, depending on state and local laws. Each year, HUD sets a new Fair Market Rent standard, which can be used to determine whether a rent increase is appropriate. A copy of the written rent increase notice is usually sent to the local public housing authority for approval. Always check with your local attorney before raising the rent for anyone using a Housing Choice Voucher.

How To Calculate Rent Increase Percentage

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While maintaining a competitive rent is key to managing a successful investment property, there are certain situations where it is not possible to increase the rent. For example, it may not be possible to increase the rent if:

The amount your landlord can increase your rent depends on where you live. Some cities require you to pay a tenant relocation fee if you increase your rent by a certain amount. According to a review of publicly available data, a 2% rent increase rate was typical in the United States in 2019.

How To Calculate Rent Increase Percentage

When tenants experienced a rent increase in 2019, the average rent increase was $196 – up from a monthly rent increase of $125 in 2018.

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The Group’s report found that 66% of tenants make at least one sacrifice to pay their rent. If the rate of rent increase is higher, it may exceed the increase in the tenant’s income. When raising a tenant’s rent, try the following to avoid having to move:

How To Calculate Rent Increase Percentage

When you determine the rental price that best fits your financial goals, your tenants do the same. You can use an affordable rent calculator to help determine the general income range a tenant needs to rent to you. Rental Manager provides an easy-to-use online payment tool so you can enjoy your rental collection stress-free.

Typically, a landlord must give tenants at least 30 days’ written notice before a lease expires or renews, but the amount of notice required can vary by state, city or town. Work with a local attorney to make sure you comply with rent increase notice requirements in your city or state. One topic of interest on the Realogic Blog and in commercial real estate training classes is rent increases relative to the CPI, the US government’s consumer price index. What is CPI, how is it related to commercial real estate and what are some important things to know about the relationship between the two? We are happy to answer important questions and more. What exactly is CPI?

How To Calculate Rent Increase Percentage

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For those unfamiliar with the CPI, it is a measure of the average change over time in the prices paid by urban consumers for a market basket of consumer goods and services. CPI is usually used to measure and track inflation. CPI data is available for the entire United States. as well as for many specific geographic areas of the United States.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a division of the U.S. Department of Labor, creates and publishes the CPI. In addition to the broader CPI index, the BLS also publishes average price data for selected utilities, automobile fuel and food items. The BLS announced that starting in January 2022, the CPI weights will be calculated based on consumer spending data from 2019-2020.

How To Calculate Rent Increase Percentage

You can learn more about the CPI and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (

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In some commercial real estate leases, the CPI is used as a means to reasonably increase or decrease the tenant’s rent by tying the base or additional rent to fluctuations in the national or regional CPI, which means the rent is subject to national inflation or regional. . Although the practice of tying rents to CPI is not common, it does happen, especially in government rents. Therefore, it is good for commercial real estate professionals to understand the basic concepts and be able to obtain the latest CPI data and calculate how the correct CPI affects the rent, if a CPI clause is encountered in the lease.

How To Calculate Rent Increase Percentage

To illustrate how rent can relate to CPI in commercial real estate leases, and show you how to calculate the impact of CPI on rent, we’ll use the following example:

To accurately calculate the annual increase in Tenant A’s annual base rent, we must use the CPI chart on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics website, which can be found at cu.

How To Calculate Rent Increase Percentage

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Most commercial real estate leases refer to an index published before a certain critical date, such as the start date of the lease, as in our example. In general, there is a delay of two months in the publication of the CPI table. So, in our example, if tenant A’s start date is December 1, 2021, we’ll use the data from the CPI table published on October 1, 2021 – the last table published before the start date – as a basis for calculating the future basis . rent increases.

Next, here are some hypothetical but realistic index values ​​that can be used to complete the example and calculate Tenant A’s base rent increase for the first four years of the lease:

How To Calculate Rent Increase Percentage

Tenant A’s first base rent increase will occur on December 1, 2022. To calculate the increase, you would subtract 194.60 (the Base Index value) from 201.50, the October 2021 Current Index, which is the last Index value published before the price increase the scheduled rent. . December 1, 2022. The difference is then divided by the Base Index at 194.60 to determine the Index Adjustment multiplier of 3.55%

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In the 2nd year of the lease, Tenant A’s base rent will increase by $709.15 per month, or 3.55% of the initial base rent.

How To Calculate Rent Increase Percentage

To calculate subsequent base rent increases, you follow the same process, but use the latest CPI data released before each scheduled rent increase, so the Index is released in October 2023, October 2024 and so on .

Additionally, most leases today use fixed rent metrics, such as an average percentage increase per year, or a dollar per square foot increase per year, as opposed to CPI adjustments. This reduces the time and effort required to calculate the rent adjustment and helps eliminate costly mistakes.

How To Calculate Rent Increase Percentage

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How To Calculate Rent Increase Percentage

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