How To Remote Control Another Mac

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How To Remote Control Another Mac

How To Remote Control Another Mac

Arguably the essential tool for any tech team is the Mac remote. True, remote access is an invaluable feature that has become more necessary in recent years. As companies increasingly adopt a hybrid remote work model, it’s important that IT teams can access Macs wherever they are in the world. Even if all your computers are installed, it can save a lot of time to help a remote user while sitting at your desk.

Remote Desktop On Mac: What Is It And How To Use It?

This article explores how to access a Mac remotely and what tools you’ll need, both native and third-party, to do so.

How To Remote Control Another Mac

There are several ways to remotely access a Mac. Everything from original and Apple solutions to independent third-party apps for just this purpose. Below is a list of eight of the most common options.

Remote Desktop does exactly what its name promises. And as an app created by Apple, you can imagine how easy it is to set up and get started. Once you’ve downloaded Apple Remote Desktop from the App Store, you’re good to go. The main advantage of the app is that you don’t need anyone to monitor the other computer to give you access.

How To Remote Control Another Mac

How To Remotely Control Your Computer (windows + Mac)

Probably the most popular third-party remote access tool is TeamViewer. Many IT teams like to use it because it is cross-platform, meaning it works on Mac or Windows. Another huge advantage is that you only need a license for TeamViewer on the computer you’re using, not the one you’re logging off from. And if you connect to customers’ or partners’ computers outside your company, you can also create a web portal that allows external users to grant you access to their computers.

If you’re already using a device management platform like Jamf or Kandji, then you’ll want to check out what remote access tools are available to you. Since these platforms are designed to remotely push software and scripts to Macs, they can usually allow you to take control of another computer as well. When you’re pushing software updates and patches, you’ll find this tool useful to check the status of those updates.

How To Remote Control Another Mac

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How To Access A Windows Computer From A Mac Using Remote Desktop

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How To Remote Control Another Mac

For Macs on the same network, you can use the native Screen Sharing app if you’re trying to access another Mac in the office. Once you’ve opened Screen Sharing, all you need is the name of the computer you’re trying to access or its IP address. The other computer will need to enable Screen Sharing, but this is easily done by going to System Preferences and then opening the Sharing page.

You can also use this app to sign in to another computer using its Apple ID. But realistically, it’s better suited to helping your parents troubleshoot their printer, and you probably wouldn’t want to use it when you’re supporting your CFO.

How To Remote Control Another Mac

Configuring The Microsoft Remote Desktop Client On Mac Os X

LogMeIn is another great third-party solution for IT teams to use for remote access. What this app does very well is that it comes in different versions based on the type of industry you support. So, if you’re in the healthcare industry, have an additional encryption policy to meet HIPAA compliance. Alternatively, if you’re into bookkeeping, there are additional integrations you can use with Quickbooks and more. LogMeIn is also cross-platform, so if you can support both Mac and Windows, that makes it another great option for you.

For Google Chrome browser lovers, here is another useful solution. It’s browser-based, so that means it’s cross-platform and works on both macOS and Windows. It claims to give you full access to other computers, but it can be a bit hit or miss depending on the hardware of the actual machine. Google Chrome Remote Desktop – at its best – is a screen sharing app.

How To Remote Control Another Mac

Splashtop is truly cross-platform as you can use it not only on macOS and Windows, but also on Google Android, iOS and iPadOS. And if you’re worried about all your computers having remote access enabled for security reasons, Splashtop comes in different versions with different controls. For example, you can use the Business Access program so that your users can log out to a workstation in the office. Alternatively, you can go with the SOS plan, which will give your IT staff unattended remote access to troubleshoot and push software. Oh yeah, that’s another thing about Splashtop, it can also work as a device and software management tool.

Remote For Mac Turns An Iphone Or Ipad Into A Remote Control For Your Mac

Like Screen Sharing, Remote Connection is another native feature of macOS. But the biggest difference is that you don’t have to be on the same network as the Mac you’re trying to access. All you have to do is enable the feature in the Sharing page of System Preferences. It is ideal for remote access to your work computer from home. But it’s probably not as secure as it would be if you were using Apple Remote Desktop.

How To Remote Control Another Mac

Remote access to a Mac in business has always been a bit of a treat. But it is becoming more and more essential for every IT team. Whether you allow users to remote into their workstations or simply need access to support them. Having a tool that will allow you to access your Mac remotely is absolutely critical to keeping your business running.

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How To Remote Control Another Mac

How To Remote Access A Mac: Control Via Iphone, Ipad, Windows Pc, Mac

I need to connect to a Mac server from my MacBook using If I open Finder, I can see it in the “Shared” list. I can “log in as” authenticated user and everything.

But how can I connect to that machine from a terminal? I don’t know his IP address, I just know his name.

How To Remote Control Another Mac

You will need to enable remote connection in the sharing preferences window of the computer you want to connect to.

Remote Control For Mac: Iphone, Ipad, And Apple Watch App

Share and enable remote login (Also, make sure Allow access for: is enabled for the account you want to connect to).

How To Remote Control Another Mac

, where RemoteBonjourName.local is the computer name of the second computer with most of the punctuation removed, spaces converted to “-” and “.local” appended to the end (check the sharing preferences, right under computer name)

Alternatively, you can use Terminal’s New Remote Connection option (in the Shell menu), select Secure Shell (SSH) from the list of utilities, and it will display all Macs with SSH on the right. Select the one you want to connect to, enter the user you want to connect to as in the User field and click Connect.

How To Remote Control Another Mac

How To Access Your Mac Over Ssh With Remote Login

Make sure the computer you’re trying to log in to has “Remote Management and Remote Login” in the Sharing settings in System Preferences enabled.

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How To Remote Control Another Mac

A. Apple includes several ways to view and control another Mac’s screen using a network connection. Perhaps the easiest approach for those who don’t want to mess with system settings is to use the Messages chat app. Both Macs participating in Remote Assistance need Apple ID accounts and must be signed in to the Messages app.

The Best Remote Access Solution For Mac And Ios

If you’re the one providing the technical assistance, open Messages, select the name of the person you plan to help—or send a new message to start the conversation—and click the details button in the upper-right corner of the window. Click the screen sharing icon, which looks like two overlapping rectangles, and select “Ask to share screen.” (If you’re the one who needs help, you can also contact a friend in Messages and use the “Ask to share my screen” option.)

How To Remote Control Another Mac

The Mac’s Messaging app includes a feature that allows a user to control or view another Mac’s screen — which can be useful for long-distance troubleshooting. Credit… The New York Times

The person on the other end of the sharing request must accept your offer. A box appears to ask that person to allow you to view or take over the screen. Once the person selects “Control My Screen” and clicks Accept, you should be able to take control of the Mac with your cursor and keyboard to provide remote tech support. Also the app

How To Remote Control Another Mac

How To Remotely Troubleshoot Your Relative’s Computer

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