How To Write A Project Brief Template

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How To Write A Project Brief Template – A creative brief is a 1-2 page strategic document used by in-house marketing teams, advertising agencies, and freelancers to clearly define the scope, goals, and requirements of a creative output.

It goes beyond the standard project brief by encompassing the vision, voice and target audience of the brand or campaign for the writers, designers and video teams assigned to the project.

How To Write A Project Brief Template

How To Write A Project Brief Template

Free art management can be great for personal creative projects. But if you’re delivering a corporate campaign or client project, clarity is everything.

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If your creative team doesn’t understand the who, what and why behind the project, they’re more likely to not know. This creates unnecessary stress and frustration and adds time and money to the project. Nobody wants that!

How To Write A Project Brief Template

A clearly defined creative brief enables your team to deliver quality work with fewer revisions. By aligning your client’s goals and expectations with the creative people, achieving the desired results will be faster and easier.

There is no single correct format for writing a creative brief. It really depends on the type of project your creative team will be working on and what you need to know to do quality work efficiently and effectively.

How To Write A Project Brief Template

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For example, an ad agency may want to include background information on client and brand guidelines, while an in-house team already knows this and doesn’t need extra details that get in the way of the creative brief.

Let’s take a look at some common elements you’ll want to include in your creative brief.

How To Write A Project Brief Template

If you’re writing a creative brief for an advertising agency or freelance client, you’ll want to take a snapshot of the company so you and your team understand the organization behind the project.

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Give a quick overview of your company and the products/services it offers and be sure to include a link to your website so team members can dig deeper if needed.

How To Write A Project Brief Template

The general idea of ​​the project helps set the stage for what is to come. Don’t worry about a ton of detail here.

Just explain what the project is and why it started in 1-2 sentences. If this project will help solve a specific business challenge, this is a good place to get that information.

How To Write A Project Brief Template

Project Outline Template Word With An Example

Knowing your project goals makes it easier for your team to be creative the first time. So, draw a clear picture of success in this section.

This is where the rubber meets the road to what will actually be produced. List the main deliverables of the project (with estimated hours, if any) and specify the size, format, color or quantity required.

How To Write A Project Brief Template

Feel free to customize this section based on the type of creative work you will be submitting. For example, you may want to exclude certain options for file format and dimensions in a graphic design creative brief, while word count may be the only specification that matters for a copy project.

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You don’t have to complete the entire project plan in this small space. That will come later. Just focus on the key milestones, deadlines and constraints your creative team needs to know right now.

How To Write A Project Brief Template

This item may not apply if you are managing a project for an internal team. But if you work for an agency or as a freelancer, you better believe your clients have a budget. Use this space to record the amount of money and/or hours allocated to the project.

Depending on the size of your project team and stakeholder group, you may want to specify who does what in your creative brief. Consider this a high-level view of the people involved.

How To Write A Project Brief Template

Creative Brief Template Download & 14 Creative Brief Examples

Good creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum. That’s why it’s important to know who your audience is and how the project will be easier for you.

These questions can help you paint a clear picture of who this project will be for your creative team.

How To Write A Project Brief Template

Understanding the competitive landscape can help content writers, graphic designers and video teams find unique hooks and create innovative work. If your creative team doesn’t know about the contest, use this section to answer questions like these:

How To Write A Project Brief: Template & Examples

Tone speaks volumes and sets the direction for creative work. So give clear guidelines for voice and/or style, as well as specific messages that should be included.

How To Write A Project Brief Template

One simple way to convey this information is to list 3 adjectives that describe the tone or personality of the client or stakeholder who wants this project to happen.

Make sure you include the appropriate source materials (brand guidelines, logos, content, research, etc.) that the team needs to get started. Feel free to share examples of past campaigns or external projects that your team would like to use as inspiration for this project.

How To Write A Project Brief Template

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We’ve created free creative brief templates and examples in Google Docs to help you save time. Feel free to adapt it to the needs of your creative project!

To edit a creative brief template, you need to save a copy to your Google Drive or download it as a Microsoft Word document.

How To Write A Project Brief Template

Once you’ve completed the creative brief for your project, you’ll want to share it with your team. There are 2 simple options for that.

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Our design and creative Gantt chart templates simplify planning so you can get to work faster — without missing deadlines. Use it to plan tasks, collaborate as a team, and track progress along the way.

How To Write A Project Brief Template

You have simple tools that fit your process. See how we’ve helped more than a million users and companies around the world transform their workflows.

“It helps the team focus, know where our priorities are and know that each project has a specific time to complete it.”

How To Write A Project Brief Template

Project Brief Template

We hate spam as much as you do. So, we’ll only be posting guides and videos on project management, team building, and more.

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How To Write A Project Brief Template

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How To Write Project And Creative Briefs (helpful Templates)

How to use different project views in Read how to better plan and manage projects with tips and examples of how to effectively use Gantt charts, lists, calendars, and board views in .So designers can do the best projects they can. , first, it is important to know exactly what the design task requires.

How To Write A Project Brief Template

. When done right, it becomes an important communication tool for your design project. Starting a project without one usually means relying on phone calls, long emails, notes and messages, which inevitably leads to chaos. Whether you are a design agency or a design company, in short, you have one guiding document for the entire design process.

, including objectives, scope and strategy. You have to decide what, as a designer, you have to do and within what limits. In many ways, it functions as a road map or blueprint, informing design decisions and guiding the entire workflow of your project, from concept to completion.

How To Write A Project Brief Template

How To Write A Dynamic Creative Brief [notion Template]

Most importantly, a well-crafted brief should help you ensure that there is full agreement among stakeholders on the project’s deliverables, budget, and schedule.

This is an example of a design description created in , a unified workspace where teams can bring all their knowledge, documents and projects together in one place. Create an account and start writing your design:

How To Write A Project Brief Template

. Working in Word documents means you have to deal with emails, bounce around team inboxes and out-of-date attachments. Using a document sharing tool that facilitates collaboration, such as Google Docs or , can help you ensure that everyone always has the most recent version of your resume and make data entry easier.

What Is A Creative Brief

Regardless of the tool you use, the most important task is deciding what content to include. Ultimately, a design brief is only important if it contains accurate, relevant and up-to-date information.

How To Write A Project Brief Template

It can take many forms and follow many different patterns. Every design project is different, so there is no fixed formula for the perfect brief. It can be a formal, long, detailed document, or it can be a simple, short one page. However, there are some important elements that make for a great review.

The project overview section of your report should provide a clear and concise description of your design project. It should cover it

How To Write A Project Brief Template

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Behind your project. For example: “We need a logo animation in MP4 format to use in the intro video of our product guide.”

One of the most important steps in planning a design project and writing your design is to align what you (or the client) want to achieve with the new design.

How To Write A Project Brief Template

Distinguish between goals and objectives. Objectives describe the overall goals of the project, while objectives are specific measures to achieve the goal. The more specific and unambiguous you are in your project, the clearer the path for your work.

Why Do You Need A Design Brief Template? (with 3 Free Sample Templates)

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