Unit Circle Chart Pdf

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Unit Circle Chart Pdf – The unit circle is the golden key to truly understanding trigonometry. Like many ideas in mathematics, its simplicity makes it beautiful.

The sin, cos, and tan measurements become clear when you see them on a graph. Take a moment to soak in what they mean.

Unit Circle Chart Pdf

Unit Circle Chart Pdf

The unit circle clearly shows the trigonometric function because the radius is 1. Hypotenuse does not change the value of sin, cos, and tan.

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A little time spent memorizing them now will save you a lot of practice time in the future.

Unit Circle Chart Pdf

Memorization sounds like a pain, but don’t worry, there are some tricks to help. Let’s start with the values ​​for sin.

This can be easily remembered by thinking of a stop sign and a lettuce. Do you see where this is going?

Unit Circle Chart Pdf

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Bronze also results in a nice pattern, although it doesn’t include 0° and 90° as sine and cos.

Put all this together and you get a table of special trigonometric values ​​or a table of unit circles:

Unit Circle Chart Pdf

You might prefer this one because you can figure it out for yourself, even in the middle of an exam!

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Then use SOH CAH TOA on the triangle. Remember that each interior angle of an equilateral triangle is 60°, so the bisected angle is 30°.

Unit Circle Chart Pdf

The value of sin, cos, and tan remains the same in each quadrant, but the sign changes depending on the quadrant the angle is in.

And put them all together. That leads to this very handy chart. Click/tap the image to view the printable PDF.

Unit Circle Chart Pdf

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There it is! Values ​​involving pi, π are called radians. They have a special relationship with circles and are the next step on the way to mastering the unit circle.

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